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 Corporate Profile: Gratomic Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Gratomic Inc (GRAT-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
November 27, 2020723,100$0.18$0.17$0.17$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Arno Brand (CEO), Douglas Newman (CFO), Armando Farhate (COO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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AukamNamibiaOtherAfrica100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $21GraphiteVein
BuckinghamCanadaQuebecCanada100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $21GraphiteSediment Hosted
Company Project Gateway
Aukam Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Namibia - Other 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GraphiteVein
Buckingham Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GraphiteSediment Hosted
Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 20, 2020Concrete Expert Arrives on Site to Complete Final Phase of Construction on Aukam Processing Plant
Nov 19, 2020Signs Agreement to Acquire Remaining 37% Interest in Aukam Property
Nov 9, 2020Masonry and Concrete Work Progresses at Aukam
Nov 5, 2020Shares for Debt
Nov 2, 2020Issues Shares for Payment of Services by Agora
Oct 28, 2020Begins Its Ascent into the EV Battery Market Supply Chain
Oct 19, 2020Mobilizes Drill Fleet to Further Delineate Graphite Mineralization
Oct 15, 2020One Step Closer to Completion of Aukam Processing Plant
Oct 6, 2020Aukam Graphite Property Construction Update
Sep 22, 2020Battery Update
Sep 3, 2020Aims to Become a Cleaner Source of Graphite for North American Consumers
Aug 27, 2020Health and Safety COVID 19 Protocol Implementation at Its Aukam Graphite Mine Site
Aug 26, 2020Early Arrival of Equipment from China Slated for Aukam Processing Plant Completion
Aug 25, 2020Engineering Update for Final Layout of its Aukam Graphite Mine Processing Facility
Aug 4, 2020Issues Shares for Payment of Services by Agora
Jul 23, 2020Grant of Stock Options
Jul 15, 2020Resume Trading
Jul 15, 2020Halt
Jul 15, 2020Appoints Armando Farhate as Chief Operations Officer and Head of Graphite Marketing and Sales
Jul 14, 2020Shipment of Final Equipment to Complete Aukam Processing Plant
Jul 10, 2020Files Interim Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis for March 31, 2020
Jun 25, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered, Correction
Jun 24, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered, Convertible Debenture/s
Jun 19, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 18, 2020Shares for Debt
Jun 16, 2020Files Annual Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis for December 31, 2019
Jun 12, 2020Closing of $1.5 Million Convertible Debenture and $750,000 Equity Financing
May 25, 2020Clarification Regarding the Finalization of Gratomic TODAQ Off take Agreement
May 21, 2020Finalization of Gratomic TODAQ Off take Agreement
May 15, 2020Agora Internet Relations Corp. Announce Online Marketing and Awareness Program
May 12, 2020Extends Closing of Non Brokered Offering
May 6, 2020Resume Trading
May 6, 2020Granted a Comprehensive Mining Licence for Base and Rare Metals, Industrial Minerals and Precious Metals
Apr 30, 2020CORRECTION: Gratomic Posts Updated Corporate Presentation On Its Website
Apr 22, 2020Further Debt Settlement
Apr 21, 2020Amendment to Terms of Convertible Debentures and Further Debt Settlement
Apr 8, 2020Private Placement of Convertible Debentures and Equity Units
Apr 6, 2020Final Approval of Private Placement
Apr 6, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Mar 26, 2020Receives Notice to Grant Mining License
Mar 24, 2020New Director
Mar 16, 2020Leadership Changes
Feb 21, 2020Mining License, Operations, Management, Financing and TODA Notes Update
Feb 18, 2020Further Extension of Non Brokered Private Placement
Jan 17, 2020Extension of Non Brokered Private Placement
Dec 20, 2019Receives First Two Purchase Orders For Pre Graphene Graphite From TODAQ
Dec 19, 2019$334,062 First Closing of Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 25, 2019Results of Special Meeting and Debt Settlement
Nov 25, 2019Shares for Debt
Nov 5, 2019Post Consolidated Non Brokered Private Placement
Oct 29, 2019Surface modified graphenes tires outperform globally recognised premium tire brands
Oct 24, 2019Provides Update on Aukam Mine Graphite Processing Plant, Namibia
Oct 17, 2019Signs Deal To Supply Graphite To Todaq
Aug 12, 2019Resignation of Director
Jul 2, 2019Extension and Increase of Non Brokered Private Placement
May 24, 2019Launches its First Graphene from Gratomic Graphite Derived Product
May 23, 2019Launches First Graphene From Gratomic Graphite Derived Product
May 21, 2019Non Brokered Private Placement
May 14, 2019Signing of a Definitive Graphite Concentrate Sales Agreement and Exclusive Marketing Agent for Continental Europe
May 3, 2019Update on Construction of Commercial Scale Graphite Processing Plant and Exploration Activities at Aukam Mine, Namibia
May 3, 2019Provides Update on Construction of Commercial Scale Graphite Processing Plant and Exploration Activities at Aukam Mine, Namibia
Mar 21, 2019Retains Greenshoe Media Group
Mar 14, 2019Appointment of New Director
Mar 4, 2019Submits Mining License Application
Feb 5, 2019The Submission of Two Additional Exclusive Prospecting Licenses
Jan 31, 2019On Engagement Of bullVestorbb
Jan 16, 2019To Launch New Graphene Ultra Efficient Tires
Jan 11, 2019Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 29, 2018Further Increase to Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 28, 2018Appointment of Rodger Roden as CFO
Nov 20, 2018Over Subscription Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 16, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement
Sep 4, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Aug 14, 2018Provides Update on Perpetuus Graphene Development Program
Jul 31, 2018Over Subscription of Non Brokered Private Placement
Jul 23, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement
May 7, 2018Successful Startup of Aukam Proccesing Plant
Apr 25, 2018Grant of Options
Apr 23, 2018Gratomic and Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited Enter Into an Agreement for the Exclusive Development and Marketing of Material Enhancing Graphenes Derived From Gratomic Aukam
Apr 3, 2018Further Updates To Aukam Plant Construction & Mining Progress
Apr 3, 20186.88% Cg Over 62 Metres At 100% Owned Buckingham Project
Mar 13, 2018Grant of Exclusive Prospecting Licence
Mar 5, 2018Posts Updated Corporate Presentation To Website
Mar 5, 2018Gratomic And Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Ltd Enter Into Negotiatio to Form a Joint Venture Agreement
Mar 5, 2018And Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Ltd Enter Into Negotiations to Form a Joint Venture Agreement
Jan 30, 2018Executes Loi For The Creation Of A Blockchain Based Graphene Ecosystem
Jan 12, 2018Grant Of Options
Jan 11, 2018Changes In Directors
Dec 21, 2017Name & Symbol Change
Dec 21, 2017Name Change To Gratomic Inc. And Appointment Of New Directors
Nov 30, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 23, 2017Over Subscription of Non Brokered Private Placement
Oct 16, 2017Change of Management
Oct 5, 2017Appointment Of Dr. Ian Flint To The Board Of Directors
Sep 28, 20176.06% Cg over 88 Metres at Buckingham
Sep 7, 2017Extension of Exclusive Prospcting License to 2019
Sep 6, 2017Continues to Intersect Graphite at Buckingham Project
Aug 30, 2017European Manufacturer Of Graphenes Will Use Aukam Graphite In Tests Of High Performance Tires
Aug 17, 2017Shares for Services
Aug 17, 2017Extends Case Zone 300 Metres South at Buckingham Graphite Project
Aug 15, 2017AGORACOM Announce Online Marketing and Awareness Program
Aug 1, 2017Acquires 63% of Aukam Graphite Project
Jul 11, 2017Signs Letter of Intent to Use Aukam Graphite to Manufacture Graphenes
Apr 28, 2017Updates Results of Ongoing Exploration at Aukam
Apr 12, 2017Regional Office Change
Apr 12, 2017Private Placement Brokered
Apr 4, 2017Appoints Sheldon Inwentash Executive Chairman and Grants Options
Mar 29, 2017Closes $1,764,050 Brokered Private Placement Financing
Mar 23, 2017Further Increase to Brokered Private Placement Financing
Mar 21, 2017Over Subscribed Brokered Private Placement Financing
Jan 18, 2017Electromagnetic Survey Shows 700 Metre Long Anomaly Potential Extension of Aukam Vein Graphite Deposit
Jan 17, 2017Acquires Controlling Interest in Aukam Graphite Project Remains on Track for Filing Application for Mining License in Q1
Nov 29, 2016Start of Trenching Program at Buckingham
Nov 16, 2016Private Placement Brokered, Amendment
Nov 14, 2016Private Placement Brokered
Nov 7, 2016Closing of $1.09 Million Brokered Private Placement
Oct 26, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Oct 17, 2016Private Placement Financing
Oct 11, 2016Acquisition of Graphite Warehouse Facilities in the Port of Luderitz, Namibia
Oct 4, 2016Signing of Graphite Supply Agreement
Sep 29, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Sep 26, 2016Completes First Phase of Environmental Impact Assessment for the Aukam Graphite Project
Sep 22, 2016Addition of Dr. Luisa Moreno to the Board
Sep 20, 2016Ckr Provides An Operational Update For The Aukam Graphite Project
Sep 14, 2016Signing Of Farm Out Agreement And Earning Of 23% Interest In Aukam Graphite Project
Aug 25, 2016Acquires 100% Ownership Of Montpellier Graphite Project, Quebec
Aug 16, 2016Begins Underground Exploration At Aukam For Mining License
Jul 12, 2016Assays Up To 56.1% Cg In Veins From Adit At Aukam Graphite Project
Jun 15, 2016Ckr Announces Beginning Of Bulk Sampling Program
Jun 3, 2016Assays of Screened Aukam Samples With Average Grade Of 59.40% Cg
May 5, 2016Receives Renewal of Exclusive Prospecting License in Namibia
May 3, 2016Private Placement Brokered
May 3, 2016Closing Of Its Private Placement Financing
Apr 8, 2016Private Placement Financing
Apr 4, 2016Update on Field Programs
Mar 23, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered, Convertible Debenture/s
Mar 16, 2016Signs Letter Of Intent To Supply Graphite From Aukam
Mar 10, 2016Warrant Term Extension
Mar 4, 2016Corporate and Exploration Update
Feb 18, 2016Corporate Update
Feb 1, 2016Receives Conditional Renewal Of Exclusive Prospecting License In Namibia
Jan 19, 2016Shares for Debt
Jan 15, 2016Update On Recent Activities And Future Plans
Dec 18, 2015Shipment Of Samples To End Users
Dec 16, 2015Appointment of Roger Moss as Director and CEO
Dec 14, 2015Results Of Testwork On Aukam Samples
Nov 18, 2015Closing of Financing
Nov 9, 2015Changes Name to CKR Carbon Corporation
Nov 4, 2015Completes Exploration Program At Buckingham, Reports Assays Up To 28.7% Cg And Expansion Of Case Zone
Nov 2, 2015Extends Closing Date Of Financing
Oct 19, 2015Name Change And Extension Of Financing
Oct 8, 2015Begins Further Testwork On Aukam Graphite Samples
Oct 5, 2015Names New Ceo And Project Manager
Sep 3, 2015Increases private placement
Aug 26, 2015Financing
Aug 20, 2015Next Graphite, Acquires Remaining Ownership Rights Of 125,000 Acre Aukam Property And Graphite Mine
Aug 13, 2015Next Graphite Provides Press Issued By J.V. Partner And Now TSX V Listed, Caribou King Resources
Aug 13, 2015Next Graphite Provides Press Issued By J.V. Partner And Now TSX V Listed, Caribou King Resources
Aug 13, 2015Aukam Graphite Mine Acquisition Approved
Aug 12, 2015Property Asset or Share Acquisition Agreement
Aug 10, 2015Begins Large scale Exploration Program At Buckingham
Jul 23, 2015Signs Agreement to Acquire Aukam Graphite Mine in Namibia
Jul 8, 2015Not moving forward with Cavan JV; Austrup resigns
Jun 11, 2015Cavan Achieves Up To 96.1% Total Carbon In Large Flake Fractions At Buckingham
May 28, 2015Receives 95.3% Purity from Test on Cavan Ventures Buckingham Property
May 22, 2015Assay Results From Buckingham
May 14, 2015Discovers New Graphite Zone At Buckingham
Apr 27, 2015Initiates Work Programs At Tac Graphite Property, Qc
Apr 23, 2015Financial Press
Apr 20, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 20, 2015Additional High Grade Graphite From Buckingham
Apr 13, 2015Closes Flow Through Financing and Second Tranche Of Non Flow Through Financing
Apr 8, 2015Completes Mini bulk Sample And Awaits Assay And Purity Results From Sgs Canada Inc. (Lakefield) Lab
Apr 2, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 1, 2015Caribou Signs Loi To Acquire Northern Extension Of Buckingham Graphite Project
Mar 19, 2015Receives Request For High grade Buckingham Graphite Samples From Top European Industrial & Strategic Minerals Company
Mar 17, 2015Appoints Manfred Schauer to Advisory Board
Mar 9, 2015Sets Options
Mar 3, 2015Achieves More Than 99.9% Graphitic Carbon From Flotation Test On Second Location On Uncle Zone, Quebec
Mar 2, 2015Increases Private Placement
Feb 24, 2015Private Placement
Feb 19, 2015Caribou To Perform Graphite Purity Tests On Second Location At Its "uncle Zone"
Feb 17, 2015Yields up to 99.4% Graphitic Carbon From its Remaining Initial Purity Tests
Feb 10, 2015Resume Trading
Feb 10, 2015Yields 99.3% Graphitic Carbon From Initial Purity Test
Feb 9, 2015Halt
Jan 27, 2015Sets Options
Jan 23, 2015Shares for Debt
Jan 23, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 5, 2015Austrup To Board
Dec 29, 2014Private Placement and Debt Settlement
Dec 1, 2014Caribou Issues Corporate Update
Nov 26, 2014Consolidation, Amendment
Nov 26, 2014Signs Term Sheet For The Acquisition Of The Miller East Lump Graphite Property
Nov 14, 2014Effects Share Consolidation
Sep 15, 2014Share Consolidation
Aug 18, 2014Continues Sampling Program at Buckingham
Jul 28, 2014Completes Trenching Program at Buckingham
Jul 24, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 8, 2014Completes Drilling at Mulloy
May 22, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
May 22, 2014Completes Acquisition of Additional Mmulloy Claims
May 13, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Apr 23, 2014Completes Drilling at Mulloy Graphite Project
Apr 9, 2014Weststar Terminates Option on Tahts Reach Property/Barkerville Claims, British Columbia
Mar 17, 2014Caribou & Ortech To Jointly Develop Vertically Integrated Graphene Business Opportunities
Feb 21, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 18, 2014Closed Private Placement
Feb 12, 2014Closed Flow Through Private Placement
Jan 30, 2014Financing
Jan 29, 2014Begins Drill Program At Mulloy 10 Km West Of Zenyatta's Albany Graphite Project, Ontario
Jan 28, 2014Caribou Receives Drill Permits For Mulloy Graphite Property 10 Kilometers West Of Zenyatta's Albany Discovery
Jan 27, 2014Signs Exploration Agreement With Constance Lake First Nations To Advance Mulloy Graphite Project
Jan 13, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Dec 27, 2013Warrant Term Extension, Warrant Price Amendment
Dec 23, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 23, 2013Corrects Terms of Financing Plus Announces Montpellier Terms
Dec 17, 2013Confirms Several Em Conductors Over 600 Meters In Length At Mulloy Graphite Project, Ontario
Dec 13, 2013Sells Calumet Claims to Canada Carbon
Dec 12, 2013Caribou Acquires Montpellier Graphite Property, Quebec
Nov 29, 2013Financing
Nov 18, 2013Grab Samples Assay Over 81% Cg At Buckingham Graphite Property, Quebec
Nov 12, 2013Multiple New Graphite Veins And Conductors Discovered At Buckingham Graphite Property, Quebec
Nov 6, 2013Welcomes Mr. Rejean Gosselin To Its Board Of Directors
Oct 31, 2013Em Targets Identified On Calumet Graphite Property
Oct 24, 2013Ashburton Purchases Yukon Properties from Caribou
Oct 24, 2013Caribou Sells Yukon Properties to Ashburton Ventures
Oct 3, 2013New Graphite Discoveries at Caribou's Tac Property in Quebec
Sep 27, 2013Caribou Acquires Additional Claims At Mulloy And Increases Acreage By 50% Near Zenyatta's Albany Project
Sep 25, 2013Seven Conductors Now Identified Over A 1.6 Kilometer Corridor At Mulloy Near Zenyatta's Albany Graphite Project
Sep 25, 2013Weststar Acquires East Miller Claims Adjacent to Miller Graphite Project, Quebec
Sep 19, 2013Posts 1.6 Kilometer long Cross section Showing Four Em Conductors At Mulloy Graphite Project, Ontario
Sep 18, 2013DURANGO Submits Application for Ground Adjacent to Caribou King and
Sep 18, 2013Discovers Graphitic Marble On Calumet Graphite Property Contiguous To Canada Carbon's Miller Mine
Sep 11, 2013Multiple EM Conductors Identified At Mulloy Graphite Near The Zenyatta Albany Graphite Project, Caribou Announces
Sep 3, 2013Sets Options


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