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 Corporate Profile: Nighthawk Gold Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A. Kaiser

Nighthawk Gold Corp (NHK-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 22, 202119,100$0.91$0.88$0.88($0.01)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Michael G. Leskovec (CFO), Richard Roy (VP EX), Suzette Ramcharan (VP CD), Cathy Mercer (Sec)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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ColomacCanadaNorthwest TerritoriesNot Applicable100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $62GoldIron Formation
Damoti LakeCanadaNorthwest TerritoriesCanada100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $62GoldIron Formation
Indin LakeCanadaNorthwest TerritoriesCanada100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $62GoldIron Formation
Company Project Gateway
Colomac Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Northwest Territories 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy GoldIron Formation
Damoti Lake Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Northwest Territories 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldIron Formation
Indin Lake Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Northwest Territories 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy GoldIron Formation
Company Related KRO Comments
Feb 10, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jan 5, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:13:37

Company News Releases - Members Only
Oct 14, 2021Completes 72,325 Metres as Part of its Successful 2021 Exploration Program
Sep 28, 2021Initial Drill Results from Its Phase I 2021 Exploration Program at 24/27
Aug 3, 2021High Grade Mineralization from Initial Drilling at Cass
Jul 21, 2021Drill Results from its Phase I 2021 Exploration Program at Colomac and Goldcrest
Jul 9, 2021Northfield Capital Acquires Securities of Nighthawk Gold Corp.
Jul 7, 2021Closing of $27 Million Bought Deal Financing
Jul 5, 2021Bulletin 2021 0695; Additional Listing
Jun 25, 2021Results From Annual & Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Jun 9, 2021Increases Bought Deal Financing to $23.5 Million
Jun 8, 2021$20 Million Bought Deal Financing
Jun 7, 2021Initial Drill Results From its Phase I 2021 Exploration Program at Grizzly Bear
May 4, 2021Receives Permits to Commence Drilling at the Cass Zone, Part of the Recently Optioned Kim & Cass Property
Apr 13, 2021Commences Phase I of the 2021 Exploration Program on Its Indin Lake Gold Property
Apr 8, 2021Closes $10.95 Million Bought Deal Financing
Apr 5, 2021Remaining 2020 Results for Colomac and Treasure Island
Mar 31, 2021Files Technical Report for Mineral Resource Estimate on the Indin Lake Gold Property
Mar 22, 2021$10.95 Million Bought Deal Financing
Mar 11, 2021Provides Update on the Tlicho Highway Project
Mar 1, 2021Substantially Increases Indicated Resources and Provides an Outlook for Exploration
Feb 18, 2021Enters Into Option Agreement To Acquire the Kim & Cass Property, Located 15KM Southwest of Colomac
Feb 3, 2021Treasure Island Drill Results, Intersecting Elevated Grades
Jan 4, 2021Appointment of Richard Roy as the Vice President of Exploration
Dec 21, 2020Intersects 154.95 Metres of 1.36 gpt AU (Uncut), Including 8.00 Metres of 5.51 gpt AU at Colomac
Dec 9, 2020Appointment of Keyvan Salehi as President & CEO
Nov 26, 2020Intersects 141.80 Metres of 2.11 Gpt Au (Uncut), Including 31.05 Metres of 4.06 Gpt Au
Oct 21, 2020Intersects 200.45 Metres of 2.01 gpt Au (Uncut), Including 16.00 Metres of 4.91 gpt Gold at Colomac
Oct 9, 2020Northfield Capital Acquires Securities of Nighthawk Gold Corp.
Sep 29, 2020Expands High Grade Zone 3.5 at Colomac
Sep 23, 2020Appointment of Eric Tremblay to the Board of Directors
Sep 15, 2020More Positive Metallurgy for Colomac
Sep 11, 2020Files Technical Report for Mineral Resource Estimate on the Indin Lake Gold Project
Sep 10, 2020Results from Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Aug 31, 2020Approves Plans to Expand Exploration Program for 2021
Aug 24, 2020Leta Arm Gold Project Drill Results
Aug 20, 2020Closes $12 Million Private Placement Financing
Aug 20, 2020Multiple High Grade Intercepts at Colomac
Jul 31, 2020Increases Private Placement Financing to $12.0 Million
Jul 30, 2020Arranges a $10.0 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Jul 28, 2020Defines Initial Underground Resource at Colomac and Converts 82% to Indicated Resources Establishing a Strong Foundation for Future Growth
Jul 7, 2020President and CEO of Nighthawk Gold Corporation, Dr. Michael Byron, is Featured on The Stock Day Podcast
Jun 24, 2020Resumes Exploration Activities on its Indin Lake Gold Property
Jun 23, 2020Discovers More High Grade Gold Within Indin Lake Gold Property
Jun 9, 2020Update on All Season Road Build in the Northwest Territories
May 20, 20202019 Drilling Summary Sheds New Light on Colomac and Highlights Key Deliverables
Apr 29, 2020Advances Conversion of Indin Lake Gold Property Mineral Claims to 21 year Mineral Leases
Apr 23, 2020Nighthawk's Latest Metallurgy Continues to Show Strong Gold Recoveries for Colomac
Apr 3, 2020Completes Purchase of Royalties Pertaining to Certain Regional Assets Within its Indin Lake Gold Property
Mar 23, 2020Expands Drilling at Colomac Intercepts 36.10 Metres of 1.86 gpt Gold (Uncut), Including 6.75 Metres of 5.46 gpt Gold
Feb 19, 2020Drilling at Goldcrest Intercepts 15.50 Metres of 5.47 Gpt Au (uncut) Including 4.25 Metres of 16.98 Gpt Au
Feb 13, 2020Highlights NWT Government Strong Mandate For Support Of Increased Resource Exploration And Development
Feb 4, 2020Continues to Intersect Significant Grades and Widths at Treasure Island
Jan 20, 2020Drilling at Colomac Continues to Encounter a Widening of the Mineralized Portion of the Sill along Strike and to Depth
Jan 15, 2020Agrees to Purchase Royalties Pertaining to Certain Regional Assets Within Its Indin Lake Gold Property
Jan 13, 2020Completion of Share Consolidation
Jan 8, 2020Retains JDS Energy & Mining to Conduct Engineering Studies at Colomac and is Proceeding with Share Consolidation
Jan 7, 2020Drilling at Colomac Indicates Widening of Deposit to Depth May Now Span Several Kms of Strike Length
Dec 3, 2019Drilling at Colomac Confirms Widening of its Two Best Mineralized Zones to Depth
Oct 31, 2019Extends Broad Mineralized Zones to New Depths at Colomac
Oct 8, 2019Intersects 6.50 Metres of 10.08 Gpt Au (uncut) Including 4.00 Metres of 15.94 Gpt Au at Treasure Island
Sep 5, 2019Extends Mineralization at Colomac and Treasure Island
Jul 31, 2019Expands Drilling at Colomac Zones 2.0 and 3.0
Jun 26, 2019Explores New High grade Targets and Continues Drilling Widespread Mineralization at Colomac
Jun 6, 2019Closes $12.6 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
May 28, 2019Drills Record High grade Gold Intersection at Colomac: 56.00 Metres of 13.49 gpt Au (uncut), Including 16.50 Metres of 34.18 gpt Au (uncut)
May 15, 2019$9.0 Million Bought Deal Private Placement
Apr 3, 2019Commences 2019 Drill Program at its 100% Owned Indin Lake Gold Property
Mar 19, 2019Exceptional Gold Recoveries From Latest Colomac Metallurgical Testwork
Mar 4, 2019Review of its Indin Lake Exploration Activities and Outlook For 2019
Feb 19, 2019Makes Additional High grade Discoveries within its 100% Owned Indin Lake Gold Property
Jan 15, 2019Invitation to VRIC Booth 424
Jan 10, 2019Intersects 14.75 Metres of 6.91 gpt Gold (uncut), Including 4.25 Metres of 15.28 gpt Gold at its Damoti Lake Gold Project
Dec 20, 2018Provides Update On The Approved All Season Road Build In The Northwest Territories
Nov 19, 2018Drilling Continues to Intersect Broad Zones of Mineralization with Higher grade Centres
Oct 22, 2018Multiple high grade gold ntercepts at Treasure Island further Demonstrating the untapped potential of the Indin Lake Gold Camp
Sep 18, 2018Intersects 84.30 Metres of 2.91 gpt Gold (Uncut), Including 24.55 Metres of 5.05 gpt Gold, and 4.25 Metres of 8.11 gpt Gold at Colomac Zone 1.5
Sep 11, 2018Intersects 68.00 Metres of 2.24 Gpt Gold (uncut), Including 6.40 Metres of 5.70 Gpt Gold and expands Colomac's Zone 3.5 down plunge
Aug 8, 2018Intersects Broad Zones of Shallow Mineralization at Colomac's Grizzly Bear Deposit
Jul 11, 2018Completes C$2.5 Million Non Brokered Flow Through Private Placement And Increases Its Drilling Program Within The Indin Lake Gold Property
Jul 5, 2018Intersects 17.50 Metres of 5.81 gpt Gold (Uncut), Including 9.25 Metres of 9.65 gpt Gold, and 4.75 Metres of 18.12 gpt Gold at Diversified Deposit
Jun 26, 2018Results from annual and special meeting of shareholders
Jun 26, 2018Intersects 25.50 Metres of 2.68 gpt Gold (uncut), Including 9.95 Metres of 4.90 gpt Gold, and 4.60 Metres of 6.60 gpt Gold at North Inca Deposit
Jun 13, 201824.4% Increase to 2.61 Million Inferred Ounces of Gold at Colomac
May 22, 2018Provides Update on Latest Colomac Metallurgical Testwork
Apr 12, 2018New gold discoveries within its Indin Lake Gold Property
Mar 21, 2018Reinvigorating Gold Asset in Mature Jurisdiction, CEO Clip Video
Mar 21, 20182018 Drilling Program of a Minimum of 25,000 Metres and Expands Targeting Program Within its Indin Lake Gold Property
Feb 21, 2018Gold Recoveries of up to 98.0% from the Latest Colomac Metallurgical Test Work
Jan 17, 2018Drills Colomac's Grizzy Bear Deposit Intersecting 12.60 Metres of 4.96 gpt Gold (uncut), Including 8.00 Metres of 7.32 gpt Gold, and 4.00 Metres of 13.40 gpt Gold and Resumes Drilling the North
Dec 13, 2017Intersects 22.40 Metres of 5.40 gpt Gold (uncut), Including 10.20 Metres of 8.48 gpt Gold, and 5.80 Metres of 13.68 gpt Gold at Colomac's Goldcrest sill
Dec 11, 2017Presentation Now Available for On Demand Viewing
Dec 4, 2017To Webcast, Live, at VirtualInvestorConferences.com December 7
Nov 28, 2017Intersects 152.00 Metres of 2.47 gpt Gold (Uncut), Including 34.70 Metres of 4.27 gpt Gold, and 9.65 Metres of 6.90 gpt Gold and Expands High grade Zone 1.5 at Colomac
Sep 18, 2017Expands Colomac's High Grade Zone 1.5 an Additional 250 Metres to Depth and Triples its True Width
Sep 11, 2017Shares Begin Trading on the OTCQX Best Market in the United States
Aug 24, 2017Intersects 145.75 Metres of 3.33 gpt Gold (uncut), Including 22.70 Metres of 6.68 gpt Gold (uncut) and 10.80 Metres of 12.19 gpt Gold (uncut) at Colomac
Jul 13, 2017Intersects 55.35 Metres Of 3.00 Gpt Au (uncut), Including 19.50 Metres Of 5.58 Gpt Au (uncut), And 6.80 Metres Of 10.45 Gpt Au (uncut) And Extends Zone 1.5 At Colomac
Jun 8, 2017Continues To Expand High Grade Zone 1.5 At Colomac Intersecting 23.70 Metres Of 4.78 gpt Au (uncut), Including 10.20 Metres Of 10.14 gpt Au (uncut)
May 30, 2017Nighthawk Gold Corp. Opens the Market
May 25, 2017Bulletin 2017 0480: Original Listing TSX Venture Exchange Transfer
May 25, 2017Confirms Graduation To The TSX
May 17, 2017Graduation To TSX And Appointment Of Non executive Chairman Of The Board
Apr 19, 2017Preliminary Metallurgical Results Of Up To 96.5% Gold Recoveries At Colomac
Mar 20, 2017Amends Stock Option Plan And Grants Options
Mar 14, 2017Private Placement Brokered, Non Brokered
Mar 6, 2017Management Appointment
Mar 3, 2017Resumes Drilling At Colomac Initiates 2017 Exploration Program At Indin Lake
Mar 2, 2017Closes $25.1 Million In Equity Financings
Feb 8, 2017Increases Bought Deal Private Placement To $20 Million
Feb 7, 2017$10 Million Bought Deal Private Placement
Feb 7, 2017Discovers New Gold Bearing Sill East Of Colomac
Dec 21, 2016Further Expansion Of Colomac Gold Zones: Validates Depth Continuity At Goldcrest
Nov 28, 2016Change To Fiscal Year End
Nov 24, 2016Continues To Expand Colomac Gold Zones Drills New High Grade Targets
Nov 11, 2016Northfield Acquires Securities Of Nighthawk Gold Corp
Nov 8, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 1, 2016Completes Strategic Investment By Kinross Gold And $10.1 Million Non brokered Private Placement
Oct 13, 2016Strategic Investment By Kinross Gold
Oct 12, 2016Intersects 72.65 Metres Of 5.58 G/t Gold (uncut), Including 17.80 Metres Of 17.72 G/t Gold (uncut) At Colomac Expands High grade Zone 1.5
Sep 13, 2016Intersects 52.07 Metres Of 7.72 G/T Gold (Uncut) And 31.45 Metres Of 4.14 G/T Gold (Uncut) At Colomac Supports Continuity And Expansion Potential Of High Grade Zone
Jul 15, 2016Repays Secured Notes
Jul 5, 2016Commences 2016 Drill Program At Colomac Gold Project
Jun 30, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 29, 2016Completes $6 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 13, 2016Proposes $6 Million Non brokered Private Placement
Jun 8, 2016Changes To The Board Of Directors, Amends Stock Option Plan And Grant Of Options
May 30, 2016Amalgamation, Delist
May 27, 2016Nighthawk Gold Completes Acquisition Of Superior Copper
Apr 26, 2016Superior Copper Corp. Files Circular Regarding Shareholder Vote On Business Combination With Nighthawk Gold Corp.
Mar 31, 2016Northfield Capital Corporation Acquires Securities Of Nighthawk Gold Corp.
Feb 25, 2016Nighhawk Gold Corporation Announces Proposed Acquisition Of Superior Copper Corporation
Dec 29, 2015Option On Kim And Cass Properties Expires
Dec 1, 2015Grants Stock Options
Nov 24, 2015Shares for Bonuses
Nov 20, 2015Completes $850,000 Private Placement Of Secured Notes
Nov 6, 2015Management and Board Changes
Oct 26, 2015Intersects 32.95 Metres Of 4.19 G/T Gold, Including 12.33 Metres Of 7.77 G/T Gold At Colomac
Jul 28, 2015Initiates Drill Program At Colomac
Dec 17, 2014Grants Stock Options
Dec 3, 2014Drills 52.50 Metres Of 7.78 G/t Gold, Including 21.00 Metres Of 16.73 G/t Gold At Colomac; New High grade Zone Discovered
Nov 26, 2014Drills 40.00 Metres Of 2.52 G/t Gold, Including 5.20 Metres Of 7.82 G/t Gold; Expands Goldcrest Zone 125 Metres
Oct 27, 2014Drills 4.40 Metres Of 38.90 G/t Gold And 51.00 Metres Of 2.25 G/t Gold; Extends Mineralization Over 100 Metres At Cass
Sep 25, 2014Drills 20.25 Metres Of 4.83 G/t Gold And 19.60 Metres Of 4.19 G/t Gold In Newly Discovered High grade Gold Shoot At Goldcrest; Extends Mineralization Further At Colomac
Aug 1, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Jul 29, 201420.35 Metres Of 7.94 G/t Gold And 17.75 Metres Of 8.16 G/t Gold From Historic Drilling At Kim
Jul 8, 2014Commences 2014 Drill Program At Indin Lake Gold Property
Jul 4, 2014Private Placement Brokered
Jun 25, 2014Completes $8,000,000 Private Placement
Jun 6, 2014Increases Proposed Private Placement To Up To $8,000,000
Jun 3, 2014Proposes Private Placement For Up To $5,000,000
May 12, 2014Consolidation
May 9, 2014Completion Of Share Consolidation
Apr 24, 201452.00 Metres Of 5.10 G/t Gold And 24.00 Metres Of 9.32 G/t Gold From Additional Historic Drilling At Cass
Apr 10, 2014Reports 80.70 Metres Of 4.53 G/t Gold And 61.50 Metres Of 4.24 G/t Gold From Historic Drilling At Cass
Mar 26, 201436.85 Metres Of 5.67 G/t Gold And 26.65 Metres Of 6.53 G/t Gold From Historic Drilling At Cass And Proposes Share Consolidation
Jan 7, 2014Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Dec 18, 2013Enters Into Option Agreement To Acquire Kim And Cass Properties In Northwest Territories
Dec 16, 2013Adopts Advance Notice By law
Nov 29, 2013Grants Options


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