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 Corporate Profile: Orosur Mining Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Orosur Mining Inc (OMI-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
December 2, 202045,200$0.35$0.34$0.35($0.01)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Brad George (CEO), Thomas Masney (Chair), Louis Castro (Chair), Victor Hugo (CFO), Alejandra Lopez (CFO), Jorge Aceituno (COO), John Sadek (VP OP)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
San GregorioUruguay
South America100% WI9-Production $60GoldShear
South America100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $60Gold SilverEpithermal
Company Project Gateway
San Gregorio Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Uruguay 100% WI9-Production GoldShear
Anza Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Colombia 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Gold SilverEpithermal
Company Related KRO Comments
Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 30, 2020Share Placing and Colombia Update
Nov 19, 2020Notice of AGM
Nov 10, 2020Corporate and Colombia Update
Nov 4, 2020Employee Options Exercise
Oct 19, 2020First Quarter 2021 Results
Oct 15, 2020Full Year 2020 Results
Oct 13, 2020Colombia update
Sep 30, 2020Colombia Update
Sep 3, 2020Orosur Mining Inc Announces Colombia Update
Aug 28, 2020Filing Extension Of Annual Audited Results
Jul 17, 2020Board Changes
May 5, 2020New Director Option Issuance
May 5, 2020UK Regulatory Announcement: Orosur Mining Inc. – New Director Option Issuance
May 1, 2020Appointment of Brad George as Non Executive Director
Apr 20, 2020Leadership Transition
Apr 14, 2020Third Quarter 2020 Results & Board Change
Mar 5, 2020Colombia update
Jan 14, 2020Second Quarter 2019/20 Results
Dec 6, 2019Share Issuance
Nov 28, 2019AGM Report of Voting
Nov 19, 2019Annual Option Issuance
Nov 12, 2019Uruguay Update
Nov 7, 2019Colombia Update
Oct 25, 2019Notice of AGM
Oct 16, 2019First Quarter 2020 Results
Sep 17, 2019Loryser Creditors Agreement Approved by Court
Sep 4, 2019UK Regulatory Announcement: Full Year 2019 Results
Jul 9, 2019Start of Exploration Activities at Anza
Apr 16, 2019UK Regulatory Announcement: Q3 2019 Update and Results
Apr 1, 2019Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Orosur Mining Inc. & Change of Nominated Adviser & Update
Mar 18, 2019Death of Non Executive Chairman
Feb 21, 2019Appointment of CFO
Feb 7, 2019Trader Note Delisting Review
Feb 4, 2019Removed from BCSC Delinquent Filer List - 2019/01/18 OT Filings
Jan 15, 2019UK Regulatory Announcement: Q2 2019 Update and Results
Jan 10, 2019Filing of NI 43 101 Technical Report on Colombian Anza Project
Jan 10, 2019UK Regulatory Announcement: Filing of NI 43 101 Technical Report on Colombian Anza Project
Dec 18, 2018Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Loryser Reaches Agreement with Creditors in Uruguay
Dec 18, 2018Loryser Reaches Agreement with Creditors in Uruguay
Dec 12, 2018Trader Note Delisting Review
Nov 28, 2018UK Regulatory Announcement: AGM Report of Voting and Management Streamlining
Nov 1, 2018Closes $5 Million Seed Round and Launches New Winter 2018 Outerwear Line
Oct 26, 2018Annual Option Issuance, Share Issuance, Notice of AGM & Colombia Update
Oct 15, 2018First Quarter 2019 Results
Oct 5, 2018Resignation of Director
Sep 17, 2018Bulletin 2018 0691: Delisting Review
Sep 17, 2018Delisting Review
Sep 10, 2018Newmont Announces Investment in Orosur Mining
Sep 10, 2018Enters into Strategic Agreement and Closes US$2.0M Private Placement with Newmont for Exploration of Anza Property in Colombia
Aug 30, 2018UK Regulatory Announcement: Full Year 2018 Results
Jul 12, 2018Bulletin 2018 0551: Delisting Review
Jul 10, 2018US$250,000 Financing at 102% Premium to Market
Jun 19, 2018Appointment of Bob Schafer as Non Executive Director
Jun 18, 2018Bulletin 2018 0480: Delisting Review
Jun 18, 2018Delisting Review
Jun 15, 2018UK Regulatory Announcement: Loryser Reorganisation Proceedings and Creditor Protection Sought for Uruguayan Operations; Colombian Exploration Continues Forward
Jun 7, 2018Regulatory Announcement: Gold Mineralisation Confirmed at Charrascala Target, Colombia
May 25, 2018Termination of Anillo Option Agreement
Apr 16, 2018Q3 2018 Results
Apr 4, 2018Reports New High Grade Gold Drill Results At APTA, Including 9.62g/t Over 6.0m, 9.42g/t Over 7.0m, 23.66g/t Over 1.0m, 5.28 G/t Over 12.0m & Further Extends Depth Of Mineralization
Feb 20, 2018High Grade Drill Results, Including 5.00 g/t Au over 23m, 4.89 g/t over 13.9m and 4.86 g/t Au over 25.0m at Anza, Colombia
Jan 15, 2018H1 & Q2 2018 Results
Nov 22, 2017Q2 Operations Update
Nov 22, 2017Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Orosur Mining Inc: Q2 Operations Update
Nov 20, 2017Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Orosur Mining Inc. Results Of Annual General Meeting & Annual Option Issuance
Nov 17, 2017Results Of Annual General Meeting & Annual Option Issuance
Nov 14, 2017Intercepts High Grade Gold, Including 5.32m at 17.76g/t Au, In Colombia
Oct 19, 2017Notice of Annual General Meeting & Colombia Drilling Update
Oct 18, 2017Notice of Annual General Meeting & Colombia Drilling Update
Oct 16, 2017Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Commencement Of Drilling In Colombia & Q1 2018 Results: Production & Operating Costs On Target & Increased Investment & Exploration
Oct 2, 2017Upcoming Drill Program at the High Grade Anza Gold Project, Colombia
Sep 21, 2017Uruguay Exploration Update
Sep 21, 2017UK Regulatory – Uruguay Exploration Update
Aug 29, 2017Full Year 2017 Results: US$9.7M Cash from Operations, US$2M Profit before Tax
Aug 11, 2017Oversubscribed Conditional Subscription to Raise Approximately US$3.2 Million
Jun 20, 2017Orosur Mining UK Regulatory Announcement: Orosur Mining Inc: 2017 Year End Operations Update
Feb 3, 2017Employees Exercise Options
Jan 23, 2017Removed from OSC Delinquent Filer List
Jan 19, 2017Colombia Anza Gold Project Exploration Update
Jan 16, 2017H1 2017 Results: $3.7M Profit, $7.0M Cash from Operations and New San Gregorio UG Mine Put into Production
Nov 30, 2016Board & Management Update & Shares/Options Issuance
Oct 31, 2016Employees Exercise Options
Oct 21, 2016Results of Annual General Meeting
Oct 17, 2016Q1 2017 Results: Net Profit Us$2.8m & Cash Operating Costs Us$693/oz
Oct 12, 2016Exploration and Development Update for Uruguay and Colombia
Sep 16, 2016Removed from OSC Delinquent Filer List
Sep 9, 2016OSC Delinquent Filer; Fees
Sep 1, 2016Share Issuance and Stock Option Grant
Aug 26, 2016Employees Exercise Option
Aug 22, 2016Director Dealing
Aug 16, 2016Results for the Fiscal Year Ended May 31, 2016 Cash flow from operations $7.6Mm, net cash position Increased by $0.7Mm
Aug 11, 2016Notice of Results for the Full Year Ended May 31, 2016
Jul 7, 2016Paul H. Stephens Announces Indirect Disposition Of Equity Interests In Orosur Mining Inc.
Jun 1, 2016Shares Issuance and Stock Option Grant
Apr 14, 2016Fiscal Q3 2016 Results & Operating Update
Mar 3, 2016Shares Issuance and Stock Option Grant
Jan 21, 2016Shares Issuance and Annual Stock Option Plan
Jan 14, 2016Fiscal Q2 2016 Results & Operating Update
Dec 15, 2015Q2 Operations Update
Dec 14, 2015Addition Of Significant Shareholder
Dec 1, 2015Significant Additional Cost Savings Expected From Management Reorganisation and Streamlining
Nov 18, 2015Results of Annual General Meeting
Oct 15, 2015Fiscal Q1 2016 Results 570
Sep 14, 2015Q1 2016 Operational Update
Aug 20, 2015Results for the 12 Month Period Ended 31 May 2015
Jun 15, 2015Full Year & Q4 Operational Update
Jun 8, 2015Signs Anillo Option Agreement
May 21, 2015CEO Purchases Additional 200,000 Shares
May 13, 2015San Gregorio Deeps Underground Project; Resource Estimate and Update
Apr 14, 2015Q3 2015 Results: US$3.0 Million Cash Flow from Operations and Exploration Update
Mar 26, 2015Paul H. Stephens Announces Acquisition Of Equity Interests In Orosur Mining Inc.
Mar 11, 2015Q3 2015 Operational Update a 13,760 oz Gold Produced at US$876/oz Cash Costs
Jan 14, 2015Fiscal Q2 2015 Financial Results and Operational Update
Dec 19, 2014Q2 2015 Operating Results
Dec 10, 2014Grant of Stock Options to Directors
Dec 3, 2014Chief Financial Officer Company Secretary Appointment
Nov 19, 2014Signs Anillo Option LOI for Non Dilutive Funding Of up to US$3.5 Million
Nov 12, 2014Results of Annual General Meeting
Nov 5, 2014Anillo Farm In With Codelco Extended
Oct 15, 2014Fiscal Q1 2015 Results US$3.5 M Cash Flow from Operations
Oct 6, 2014Directorate Change
Sep 19, 2014First Quarter Operating Results
Aug 18, 2014FY 2014 Results: US$24M Cash Flow from Operations, US$9M Increase in Net Cash
Jul 10, 2014Orosur And Waymar Complete Plan Of Arrangement And Announce Director Additions
Jul 9, 2014Waymar Announces An Update Regarding Its Proposed Business Combination
Jun 11, 2014Full Year and Q4 Operating Results
Jun 2, 2014Director's Dealing
May 12, 2014Orosur And Waymar Announce Proposed Business Combination
Apr 14, 2014Q3 Results and Exploration Update in Uruguay and Chile
Mar 12, 2014Q3 Results: 13,218 oz Produced at US$818/oz Cash Costs
Feb 13, 2014Director's Dealing
Jan 31, 2014Non Executive Board Resignation
Jan 20, 2014Additions to Executive Management Team
Jan 14, 2014Q2 Results: 14,829 oz Gold Produced, $7.3M Operating Cash Flow, $3.5M Net Income, $761/oz Cash Costs, Added 44,000 oz Reserves, Sold Talca
Dec 19, 2013Sale of Talca for US$8 Million & Retained 2% NSR
Dec 10, 2013Q2 Results: 14,829oz Produced at US$761/oz Cash Costs, Improved Guidance and Increased Reserves
Nov 20, 2013Annual and Special Meeting Results
Nov 13, 2013Arenal Pillar Recovery Feasibility Study Additional 40 Koz Reserve
Oct 15, 2013Q1 Results
Sep 17, 2013Director's Dealing
Sep 10, 2013Q1 Production & Costs


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