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 Corporate Profile: Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NDM-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 23, 2020356,800$1.35$1.31$1.34$0.01Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Ronald W. Thiessen (CEO), Robert A. Dickinson (Chair), Adam Chodos (VP CD), Bruce Jenkins (VP CD)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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PebbleUnited StatesAlaskaUnited States100% WI7-Permitting & Feasibility $691Copper Gold MolybdenumPorphyry
Company Project Gateway
Pebble Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Alaska 100% WI7-Permitting & Feasibility Copper Gold MolybdenumPorphyry
Company Related KRO Comments
Jul 27, 2005Tip of the Day: Full Metal Minerals - an Alaskan bottom-fisher
Dec 11, 1998Report Nov-Dec 1998: North American Medical Serv - 1999 Bottom-Fish

Company News Releases - Members Only
Oct 7, 2020Welcomes US Government Action to Address Critical Mineral Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
Oct 2, 2020Issues Technical Report: Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project Hosts the World's Most Significant Rhenium Resource
Sep 23, 2020Pebble Partnership CEO Tom Collier Submits 'Letter of Resignation'
Sep 14, 2020Northern Dynasty, Pebble Partnership Leaders to Provide Pebble Project Update at Upcoming Conferences
Sep 10, 2020Calls J Capital Research Report 'Fatuous, Flimsy and Fundamentally Self Serving'
Sep 3, 2020Leadership Team Expands with Appointment of Senior Mining Industry Executive Mike Westerlund to The Post of Vice President, Investor Relations
Aug 24, 2020USACE Letter on Wetlands Part of the Normal Permitting Process
Aug 24, 2020Politico Report That Trump Administration Will Block Pebble Project Is Incorrect
Aug 24, 2020Pebble Partnership Campaign Stokes Republican, Conservative, Business and Alaska Support for Timely, Objective and Science Based Permitting for Alaska's Pebble Project
Aug 20, 2020New Pebble Mineral Resource Estimate Increases US Strategic Rhenium Sources by 84%
Aug 19, 2020Alaska Republican Party 'unequivocally supports development of the Pebble Mine'
Aug 13, 2020Pebble Partnership Calls On US Army Corps Of Engineers Inspector General To Weigh In On 'Allegations Of Political Interference And Regulatory Malfeasance'
Aug 10, 2020Final EIS and Record of Decision Will Determine Federal Action at Alaska's Pebble Project
Aug 7, 2020Pebble Partnership Welcomes White House Review of Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project
Aug 4, 2020Retains Senior Mining Executive and M&A Specialist Adam Chodos to Serve as EVP, Corporate Development
Aug 4, 2020Retains Senior Mining Executive and Specialist Adam Chodos to Serve as EVP, Corporate Development
Jul 29, 2020Confirms Final Environmental Impact Statement for Alaska's Pebble Project Describes a Modern, Environmentally Sound Mine That Can Co Exist With Clean Water and Healthy Fisheries
Jul 24, 2020Receives Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Alaska's Pebble Project
Jul 21, 2020Alaska's Pebble Project has Potential to Become One of America's Leading Metals Producers
Jul 15, 2020Pebble Partnership Comments on Pending Release of Final EIS for Alaska's Pebble Project
Jul 15, 2020Closing of US$35.3 Million Bought Deal
Jul 13, 2020Bulletin 2020 0534
Jul 10, 2020Increases Previously Announced Bought Deal to US$30.7 Million
Jul 9, 2020US$25 Million Bought Deal And Up To US$7.5 Million Concurrent Private Placement
Jul 6, 2020Pebble Partnership announces transportation and port operations partnership with consortium of Alaska Native village corporations
Jun 26, 2020Expiry & Rules for Trading and Settlement
Jun 25, 2020Pebble Partnership Takes Next Steps for Sharing Low Cost Energy with Bristol Bay Residents
Jun 16, 2020Pebble Partnership Rolls Out Revenue Sharing for Full Time Residents of Bristol Bay
May 29, 2020EPA expresses confidence in Pebble permitting; opts not to elevate approval decision
May 25, 2020Federal Permitting Process for Alaska's Pebble Project Passes Another Key Milestone
May 14, 2020Alaska's Pebble Project Approaches Key Permitting Milestone As COVID 19 And Collapsing Oil Prices Threaten State's Economy, Fiscal Health And Employment
May 13, 2020Completes C$7.25 Million Private Placement
May 13, 2020Closing Of C$10.1 Million Underwritten Offering
May 12, 2020Trader Note Additional Listing
Apr 29, 2020$8.75 Million Offering
Apr 20, 2020US Federal District Court Rejects Litigation Filed by Pebble Opponents
Apr 6, 2020Defers Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Provides Update on Annual Filings
Mar 26, 2020Alaska's Pebble Project Continues to Advance Despite COVID 19 Precautions
Feb 12, 2020US Army Corps of Engineers Shares Preliminary Final EIS with Co operating Agencies
Dec 18, 2019Closing Of $15.5 Million Underwritten Offering
Dec 13, 2019Pricing of Overnight Marketed Offering
Oct 28, 2019Pebble Permitting Advances Debated by US Congressional Committee
Aug 14, 2019Closing Of US$11.5 Million Bought Deal
Aug 14, 2019Closing of US$11.5 Million Bought Deal
Aug 9, 2019Increases Previously Announced Bought Deal to US$10 Million
Jun 27, 2019US Environmental Protection Agency Re Starts Process to Withdraw Obama Era 'Proposed Determination'
Jun 24, 2019Closing of US$5.0 Million Bought Deal
Jun 19, 2019US$5.0 Million Bought Deal And Concurrent Up To US$1.5 Million Private Placement
Jun 13, 2019Reports Annual General Meeting Results
May 15, 2019Pebble Partnership, Iliamna Natives Limited reach Right of Way Agreement
Apr 3, 2019Sets Date For Annual Meeting Of Shareholders; Provides Updates On Annual Filings And Chief Financial Officer
Mar 22, 2019Plaintiffs Appeal of US Class Action Lawsuit Dismissal
Mar 18, 2019Closing Of US$11.5 Million Bought Deal
Feb 25, 2019Dismissal of US Class Action Lawsuit
Feb 20, 2019US Army Corps of Engineers releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Alaska's Pebble Project
Dec 21, 2018Closing of First Tranche of Special Warrant Private Placement
Dec 12, 2018Special Warrant Private Placement; Payment of EPA Litigation Costs
Nov 20, 2018Right of Way Agreement secures site access for Pebble Project Developers
Nov 7, 2018Alaska voters elect pro development State Governor Mike Dunleavy
Sep 4, 2018Update Regarding Ongoing Pebble Permitting Process
Jun 25, 2018Annual General Meeting Statement
May 25, 2018Northern Dynasty and First Quantum Minerals Terminate Framework Agreement
May 1, 2018Update on Proposed Transaction with First Quantum Minerals
Apr 5, 2018Northern Dynasty Provides Update On Proposed Transaction With First Quantum Minerals
Mar 22, 2018Northern Dynasty: US Army Corps Of Engineers Releases Scoping Information For Pebble Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Feb 23, 2018Files Technical Report on the Pebble Project, Alaska
Feb 5, 2018National Environmental Policy Act Permitting Process For Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project Advances With Selection Of 3rd Party EIS Contractor
Jan 29, 2018Updated at source Northern Dynasty: Permitting for Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project remains on track
Jan 29, 2018Permitting for Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project Remains On Track
Dec 21, 2017Pebble to initiate federal and state permitting on December 22, 2017
Dec 18, 2017Northern Dynasty Enters into Framework Agreement with First Quantum Minerals
Nov 7, 2017Pebble hires notable Alaskan Mark Hamilton to Lead External Affairs
Oct 12, 2017Hiring of Senior Technical Leadership for Alaska's Pebble Project
Oct 5, 2017Pebble Limited Partnership Introduces Pebble Project Considerations Focused On A Reduced Mine Site Footprint And Enhanced Environmental Safeguards
Sep 25, 2017To Present at Denver Gold Forum
Jul 11, 2017EPA Initiates Process to Withdraw its Proposed Determination
Jun 26, 2017Annual General Meeting Results
Jun 13, 2017Northern Dynasty: Pebble Partnership Retains ASRC Energy Services To Enhance Alaska Native Contracting
May 18, 2017Pebble Project Advisory Committee
May 12, 2017Pebble Partnership achieves settlement with US Environmental Protection Agency
May 4, 2017Northern Dynasty: Pebble Partnership, EPA File Joint Motion To Extend Stay Of Proceedings
Apr 13, 2017NAK DEADLINE NOTICE Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC Reminds Investors of Class Action Against Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. & Lead Plaintiff Deadline: April 17, 2017
Apr 11, 2017State of Alaska Approves Pebble Project Land Use Permit
Apr 6, 2017NAK NOTICE: Rosen Law Firm Reminds Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. Investors of Important Deadline in Class Action NAK
Mar 31, 2017Completes Annual Filings
Mar 21, 2017Update on EPA Discussions
Mar 8, 2017Pebble Partnership Retains Lead Regulatory Consultant To Initiate Project
Feb 22, 2017US Congressional Committee calls on EPA Administrator To withdraw Pebble Project Veto
Feb 17, 2017Refutes Short Seller Claims
Feb 14, 2017Responds to Short and Distort Campaign
Jan 27, 2017FinancialBuzz.com: Economic Developments May Affect Gold Prices
Jan 26, 2017Closing of US$37.444 Million Bought Deal Offering
Jan 12, 2017Increase To Bought Deal Offering Of Common Shares
Jan 11, 2017US$25 Million Bought Deal
Oct 28, 2016Pebble Partnership, EPA Agree To Mediation To Resolve FACA Litigation
Sep 29, 2016Northern Dynasty/Pebble Partnership Cap Legal Costs to Conclude Litigation with US EPA
Jul 5, 2016Closes $2 Million Private Placement
Jun 20, 2016Annual General Meeting Results
Jun 10, 2016Closes $17.1 Million Offerings
May 26, 2016Offerings of up to $15.0 Million
Feb 29, 2016Filing Of Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
Feb 25, 2016Board Restructuring
Jan 13, 2016Pebble: EPA Inspector General's Report Whitewashes Serious Bias At Agency
Jan 4, 2016Bulletin 2016 0007: Common Share Purchase Warrants To Be Posted For Trading On Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Jan 4, 2016Bulletin 2016 0006: Common Share Purchase Warrants To Be Posted For Trading On Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Dec 24, 2015Completes Acquisition of Mission Gold
Dec 23, 2015Closes $5.2 Million Private Placement
Nov 24, 2015Mails Meeting Materials For Special Shareholder Meeting To Approve Arrangement With Northern Dynasty Minerals
Nov 10, 2015Completes Prospectus to Clear Special Warrants
Nov 2, 2015Northern Dynasty Signs Definitive Agreement With Mission Gold
Oct 29, 2015Northern Dynasty Completes Acquisition of Cannon Point
Oct 16, 2015Files Preliminary Prospectus
Oct 8, 2015Northern Dynasty to Acquire Mission Gold Ltd.
Oct 6, 2015Former US Senator And Secretary Of Defense William S. Cohen Releases Report On Independent Investigation Into EPA Actions At Alaska's Pebble Project
Sep 10, 2015Closes Second Tranche of Financing
Sep 1, 2015Signs Definitive Agreement with Cannon Point
Aug 31, 2015Closes First Tranche of Financing for C$10.2 Million
Aug 11, 2015To Raise Up To $20 Million In Financing Transactions
Jun 4, 2015Federal Court Rejects EPA Motion to Dismiss Pebble 'FACA' Lawsuit
Feb 25, 2015Completes Prospectus to Clear Special Warrants
Feb 9, 2015Files Preliminary Prospectus
Jan 13, 2015Completes C$15.5 Million Financing
Dec 29, 2014To Complete C$15.5 Million Financing
Nov 25, 2014US Federal Court Grants 'Preliminary Injunction' To Halt EPA Regulatory Process At Pebble
Sep 29, 2014Court Defers Ruling on EPA Statutory Authority
Sep 24, 2014EPA Agrees to Stay Section 404(c) Regulatory Process for Alaska's Pebble Project pending outcome of federal Court Proceedings
Jul 18, 2014Responds To EPA Proposal For Alaska's Pebble Project
Jun 23, 2014Annual General Meeting Voting Results
May 22, 2014Pebble Partnership Seeks Injunction to Halt Unprecedented EPA Veto Process
May 6, 2014EPA Inspector General heeds calls for Bristol Bay Assessment investigation
Apr 30, 2014Pebble Partnership Xubmits Legal, Policy, Scientific Arguments Against Federal Overreach at Pebble
Apr 7, 2014Rio Tinto Grants Northern Dynasty Shares to Alaska based Charitable Foundations
Feb 28, 2014EPA continues process to study mining impacts in southwest Alaska
Feb 21, 2014Resignation of director
Feb 4, 2014New Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pebble Limited Partnership
Jan 15, 2014Acknowledges Completion of EPA's Flawed Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment
Dec 23, 2013Northern Dynasty reports Rio Tinto to Undertake Strategic Review Of its Shareholding
Dec 23, 2013Rio Tinto To Undertake a Strategic Review of its Shareholding In Northern Dynasty
Dec 13, 2013Re acquires 100% Ownership of Southwest Alaska's Pebble Project
Nov 28, 2013Alaska's Pebble Project Update
Sep 19, 2013Results from the Summer Exploration Programs
Sep 16, 2013Recording of Today's Northern Dynasty Conference Call
Sep 16, 2013Recording of Today's Northern Dynasty Conference Call
Sep 16, 2013Conference Call
Sep 16, 2013Anglo American Withdraws from Pebble Project
Sep 4, 2013Appoints New Director


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