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 Corporate Profile: Newrange Gold Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2009 John A. Kaiser

Newrange Gold Corp (NRG-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
September 30, 20220$0.03$0.03$0.03$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Robert A. Archer (CEO), Gloria Carrington (Pres), David Cross (CFO),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
PamlicoUnited StatesNevadaMineral County100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $5GoldEpithermal Vein
El DovioColombiaOtherNot Applicable100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $5Gold Silver Copper ZincVMS / Vein
YarumalitoColombiaOtherNot Applicable100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $5Gold Silver Zinc CopperPorphyry / Epithermal
Company Project Gateway
Pamlico Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldEpithermal Vein
El Dovio Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Colombia - Other 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Gold Silver Copper ZincVMS / Vein
Yarumalito Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Colombia - Other 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation Gold Silver Zinc CopperPorphyry / Epithermal
Company News Releases - Members Only
Sep 13, 2022Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Coricancha Au Ag Cu Pb Zn Mine in Peru
Sep 13, 2022Letter of Intent to Sell the Coricancha Mine in Peru
Aug 23, 2022Private Placement Non Brokered
Aug 22, 2022Closes Non Brokered Financing
Aug 3, 2022Non Brokered Financing
May 17, 2022Exploration Update
May 2, 2022Private Placement Non Brokered, Amended
Apr 27, 2022Private Placement Non Brokered
Mar 14, 2022Extends Deadline for Non Brokered Flow Through and Non Flow Through Financing
Mar 14, 2022Acquires Existing NSR Royalty on Its Yarumalito Project, Colombia
Mar 9, 2022Confirms Structural Interpretation with First Drill Hole at North Birch Project
Feb 24, 2022Closes First Tranche of Non Flow Through Financing and Announces Flow Through Financing
Feb 17, 2022Commences Drilling at North Birch Project
Jan 24, 2022Outlines Winter Drilling Program for Red Lake Projects
Jan 11, 2022Samples up to 47.34 g/t Gold in Central Mine Area of Pamlico Project
Dec 23, 2021Exercises Option on Western Fold Portion of North Birch Project
Dec 20, 2021Provides Year end Update on Pamlico Project
Nov 5, 2021Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Nov 2, 2021Provides Additional Information on Argosy Gold Mine in the Red Lake Mining Division
Nov 1, 2021Closes Acquisition of Past Producing, High Grade Argosy Gold Mine in the Red Lake Mining Division
Oct 7, 2021Management Changes
Oct 6, 2021Provides Exploration Update on Pamlico Project
Aug 5, 2021Signs Agreement to Acquire Past Producing, High Grade Argosy Gold Mine in the Red Lake Mining Division
Jul 22, 2021Provides Update on Drill Programs
Jul 20, 2021Commences Drill Program on Priority Targets on the Evening Star Property, Nevada
Jul 6, 2021Drills Apparent Offset of Pamlico Mine in Follow Up of New High Grade Zone
Jun 15, 2021Samples 2.994 g/t Gold in Porphyry Dike and Expands Footprint of Skarn Hosted Gold Mineralization in McGill Canyon Area, Pamlico
May 13, 2021Commences Diamond Drilling and Expands IP Survey at Pamlico Project
Apr 28, 2021Gold Closes Second and Final Tranche of Non Flow Through Financing
Apr 26, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered, Correction
Apr 26, 2021Selects Drill Targets From Induced Polarization Survey at North Birch Project, Red Lake Mining Division
Apr 23, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 19, 2021Closes Flow Through Financing and First Tranche of Non Flow Through Financing
Mar 23, 2021Completes IP Survey at Pamlico and Enlarges Property
Feb 23, 2021Intersects New High Grade Gold Zone at Pamlico; Drills 12.47 g/t Au over 4.5 metres
Feb 8, 2021Initiates Winter Exploration Program at North Birch Project in Red Lake District and Grants Stock Options
Jan 25, 2021Initiates Expanded IP Resistivity Survey at Pamlico
Jan 18, 2021Concludes Sales of Colombian Assets and Advances Property Options for North Birch Project
Jan 12, 2021Drilling Expands Mineral Footprint at Pamlico
Dec 16, 2020Arranges Winter Exploration Program for North Birch Project in Red Lake District and Hires NAI Interactive for Marketing
Dec 1, 2020Discovers New Gold Zone at Pamlico Project with Implications for Porphyry Related Mineralization
Nov 12, 2020Updates Drill Program at Pamlico Project
Oct 28, 2020Updates Drill Plans for Good Hope Mine Area of Pamlico Project
Oct 19, 2020Commences Drilling in Gold Box Canyon Area of Pamlico Project
Oct 13, 2020Drills 14.85 g/t Gold Over 9.15 Meters at Pamlico, Including 34.11 g/t Au Over 3.05 Meters
Sep 21, 2020Updates Drill Program at Pamlico
Jul 30, 2020Provides First Results from Drill Program at Pamlico
May 27, 2020Initiates Drill Program at Pamlico
May 8, 2020Closes Sale of Colombian Subsidiary
Apr 30, 2020Provides Exploration Update
Mar 20, 2020Amends Stock Option Grant
Feb 24, 2020Grants Stock Options
Feb 18, 2020Stakes Additional Ground at Pamlico Project to Cover IP Anomalies Increases Property Size by 50%
Jan 30, 2020Completes IP Survey at Pamlico Project
Jan 14, 2020Enlarges Property Holdings in Red Lake Mining Division
Jan 8, 2020Confirms Additional Continuity of Gold Mineralization and Provides Summary of Results at Good Hope Mine
Dec 30, 2019Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Dec 24, 2019Options Gold Property in Red Lake Mining District
Dec 23, 2019Welcomes Strategic Investor, Appoints New Board Member and Closes First Tranche of Financing
Dec 16, 2019Commences IP Survey at Pamlico
Dec 3, 2019Closes Sale of Yarumalito Project in Colombia
Nov 19, 2019Samples More High Grade Gold and Silver at Good Hope
Nov 4, 2019Newrange Gold Sells Yarumalito Project in Colombia
Oct 30, 2019Expands and Establishes Continuity of Mineralization at Good Hope Mine
Sep 5, 2019Receives Option Payment for El Dovio Project
Aug 6, 2019Structurally Controlled High grade Mineralization
Aug 6, 2019Continues to Expand Footprint of Gold and Silver Mineralization at Pamlico with Systematic Underground Sampling
Jul 3, 2019Provides Exploration Update for Pamlico Project
Jun 17, 2019Closes Non Brokered Financing
Jun 5, 2019Negotiates Sale of Colombian Assets
May 14, 2019Re-discovers Good Hope Mine at Pamlico, Samples 13.89 gt Au and
Apr 23, 2019Provides Update on Core Drilling Program
Apr 8, 2019Receives BLM Approval to Assume Permits for Underground Sampling and Development of Merritt Decline
Apr 4, 2019Completes Screen Test At Pamlico, Producing 26.53 g/t Au in Concentrate
Mar 26, 2019Updates Exploration Model for Pamlico Project
Mar 21, 2019Submits Application to Assume Pamlico Bulk Sampling and Underground Development Permits
Mar 11, 2019Video Interview with Mr. Archer.
Mar 11, 2019Expands Near Surface Oxide Gold Mineralization with Ongoing Underground Sampling at Pamlico
Feb 5, 2019Achieves 97.1% Gold Extraction from Pamlico Mineralization
Jan 28, 2019Higher Gold Grades From Core Drilling at Pamlico
Jan 16, 2019Provides Pamlico Exploration Update and Grants Stock Options
Jan 2, 2019Appoints Robert Archer As CEO
Dec 11, 2018Provides Exploration Update for Ongoing Work at its Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Oct 19, 2018Closes $900,600 Private Placement
Oct 15, 2018Options Its El Dovio, Colombia Gold Project
Sep 27, 2018Options Granted Amendment
Sep 26, 2018Grants New Stock Options and Re prices Previous Stock Options Granted to Employees and Consultants
Jul 10, 2018Phase III Step Out Drilling Extends Gold Mineralization to 0.5 km Along Trend at Pamlico Project, Nevada
Mar 29, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered, Correction
Mar 28, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Mar 19, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Mar 16, 2018Closes First Tranche Of Private Placement, Engages Renmark Financial Communications
Mar 1, 2018Appoints Robert Archer To Board Of Directors
Feb 22, 2018Samples Up To 130 Grams Gold, Extends Merritt Zone And Begins Phase III Drilling At Pamlico
Feb 6, 2018To Begin Trading On US OTCQB Exchange And Engages Investor Relations
Feb 1, 2018Starts Trading Under New Symbol On Us Otc Market
Jan 31, 2018Last Drill Results For 2017 And Start Of 2018 Drilling At
Jan 9, 2018Finds New Host Rock Units With Deep Drilling At Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Nov 28, 2017Newrange's Geophysical Surveys Identify New Targets And Expand Existing Gold Zones At The Pamlico Project, Nevada
Nov 15, 2017Accelerates Expiry Date Of Warrants
Nov 6, 2017Finds New, Near Surface, Oxide Gold Zones At Its Pamlico
Sep 11, 2017Phase II Drilling To Start At Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Aug 28, 2017Grants Incentive Stock Options
Aug 8, 2017Starts Geophysical Surveys At Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Jul 5, 2017Drills Near Surface, High grade Gold, Including 4.6 Meters Of 43.8 G/t Au At The Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Jun 26, 2017Stakes 111 Additional Claims At It's Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Jun 19, 2017Resume Trading
Jun 19, 2017Drills 6.1 Meters Of 98 G/t Au, Discovers New Zone At Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
Jun 16, 2017Halted Security
May 10, 2017To Start Drilling At Pamlico Gold Project, Nevada
May 9, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
May 5, 2017Closes $1,545,110 Financing
Apr 26, 2017Closes $897,110 First Tranche And Increases Previously Announced Private Placement
Apr 24, 2017Piggyback Qualified
Apr 17, 2017Arranges Up To $1.2 Million Financing
Apr 11, 2017Sampling Expands Width Of Mineralized Zone To 75.5 Meters Averaging 2.92 G/t Au, Identifies 1.5 Meters High grade Vein Averaging 104.75 G/t Au At Pamlico, Nevada
Mar 28, 2017Receives DTC Eligibility and Upgrades US OTC LISTING
Mar 2, 2017Underground Channel Sampling At Pamlico Yields New High Grade Gold Discovery
Feb 16, 2017Grants Stock Options
Feb 15, 2017Change Of Directors
Feb 9, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 6, 2017Closes Private Placements For $873,650
Jan 30, 2017Increases Non Brokered Private Placement
Jan 23, 2017Non brokered Private Placement
Dec 20, 2016Negotiates Agreement to Acquire Pamlico Mining Fleet And Amend Payment Schedule
Dec 1, 2016Name Change
Nov 30, 2016Changes Name and Stock Symbol
Nov 21, 2016Stakes Sediment Hosted Gold Mineralized Zone In Nevada
Nov 2, 2016Amends Agreement To Acquire Rocky Mountain Mining
Oct 17, 2016Grants Purchase Option For Anori Concession In Colombia
Sep 27, 2016Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire High Grade Pamlico Gold Property In Nevada
Sep 12, 2016Mercedes Project Returns Highly Favorable Metallurgical Results
Aug 30, 2016Grants Incentive Stock Options
Jul 19, 2016Acquires High Grade Nevada Gold Project
Jul 14, 2016To Acquire Rocky Mountain Mining
Jun 23, 2016Grants Stock Options
Jan 25, 2016Receives Court Awarded Settlement
Nov 24, 2015Shares for Bonuses
Oct 28, 2015Grants Stock Options
May 19, 2015Closes Final Tranche of Private Placement
May 19, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 17, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 8, 2015Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
Mar 16, 2015$100,000 Non Brokered Private Placement
Jan 9, 2015Grants Stock Options
Nov 21, 2014Grants Stock Options
Sep 3, 2014Drills More High Grade Mineralization At El Dovio
Aug 27, 2014Grants Additional Stock Options
Aug 26, 2014Grants Stock Options
Jul 15, 2014Passing of Director, Peter Crescenzo
Jul 9, 2014Drills High Grade Mineralization To 25.85 G/t Gold Equivalent In First Hole From Sabana Blanca Adit
Jun 30, 2014Expands Drill Indicated Strike Of Sabana Blanca Zone And Drills
May 20, 2014Reports, High Resolution Geophysics Identifies 20 High Priority Targets At Mercedes And Provides El Dovio Drilling Update
May 12, 2014El Dovio Exploration Update
Apr 14, 2014Drill On site At El Dovio And Rio Negro Joint Venture Partner, Overland Resources, Makes Joint Venture Payment, Releases Geochem Results
Apr 11, 2014Grants Stock Options
Apr 9, 2014Mobilization Of Drill And Crews To El Dovio
Mar 17, 2014Mobilizes Field Crews For El Dovio Ground Mag Survey And
Feb 27, 2014President And Ceo Robert Carrington To Speak At Pdac
Feb 24, 2014Purchases El Dovio Surface Rights
Feb 19, 2014Collects 1,120 G/t Silver And 9.54% Copper Grab Samples From 8.5 Kilometer Long Geophysical Anomaly At Mercedes
Feb 10, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 10, 2014Identifies Large Magnetic And Radiometric Anomalies Coincident With High Grade Gold silver copper Mineralization At Mercedes
Feb 7, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 20, 2014Conducts Magnetometry Orientation Survey at El Dovio And Provides 2014 Exploration Plans
Jan 14, 2014Rio Negro JV Partner, Overland Identifies Open Ended 200 x 600 Meter Geochem Anomaly
Jan 13, 2014Closes Oversubscribed Private Placements Totaling $2.1 Million with International Finance Corporation And Others
Jan 3, 2014Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Dec 26, 2013Signing of Subscription Agreement with International Finance Corporation
Dec 11, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 25, 2013Receives High Grade Gold Results from Overland Resources At Rio Negro Project, Colombia
Nov 15, 2013Completes Oversubscribed First Tranche Of $0.30 Financing
Nov 5, 2013$1.0 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 4, 2013$1.5 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Sep 24, 2013Drills More High Grade Mineralization With Multiple Intercepts To 14.23 G/t Gold Equivalent Over 3.3 Meters, Extends Mineralization 100 Meters Down Dip With No Limits On Extension
Sep 23, 2013Grants Stock Options
Sep 17, 2013Completes Joint Venture Option Agreement With Overland Resources For Rio Negro Project And Retains 100% Carried Interest To Production
Sep 4, 2013Engages Torrey Hills Capital for Investor Relations


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