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Reprint Requests

All material on Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online is copyright protected and may not be reproduced in any form without explicit permission from John Kaiser.

Companies may make a request for the privilege of reprinting copyrighted material or hosting it online. "Reprint" requests will not be considered until the subject material is available at Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online on an unrestricted basis. All published material is restricted to subscribers for at least 7 days from publication. Permission to distribute material in digital form by email will not be granted. No permission is required to email a link to any item hosted by Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online. Web Site operators are also free to link to any item provided the link serves a full page. Linking directly to graphic files is discouraged because the names of these files change frequently.

Permission will be granted solely at the discretion of John Kaiser and can be withdrawn by notice in writing at any time. No reason need be given, though a common reason would be changed circumstances that render previously published material misleading. If permission is granted, we will provide a suitable disclaimer and contact information that is to be included in the material. The company is responsible for preparing the material, which must be submitted to us for approval before distribution. There is no charge for reprints.  

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