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 Recommendation Index
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2014 John A Kaiser

Recommendation Lists
All Recommendations Open BF and SVH PicksThis report provides an explanation of bottom-fish and spec value hunter recommendations, an alphabetical table of all open picks with the current recommendations and prices, and the individual recommendation strategies. In the case of bottom-fish the company row in the table is color coded to indicate whether it is within or outside the bottom-fish accumulation range. This report also has all the individual recommendation strategies for each company to facilitate quick scanning. We suggest clicking on the fish icon to get the rec strategy by itself.
Spec Value Hunter Picks Open SVH Picks SVH 2014 Edition published January 3, 2014. Spec Value Hunter recommendations have specific timelines and target prices, and are the subject of formal coverage.
Bottom-Fish 2014 Edition Open BF Picks Published on January 3, 2014. Bottom-Fish recommendations are made once and closed out either when the entire Edition is closed out, or if the company plans a rollback or has suffered a decline in its fundamentals that make it unworthy as a bottom-fish.
Open Recommendations by Focus Type
We have tagged our recommendations according to the categories below to make it easy to find a particular type. For more sophisticated searching we suggest using the KRO Search Engine and select open recommendations in the special parameters box.
ShellsCash RichCompany has a large amount of unallocated cash relative to market capitalization.
People RichCompanies with a strong management team but lacking a major story focus.
Structure RichCompanies which lack a major project focus but in which an insider network has a large equity stake.

Pure ExplorationCompanies generating or acquiring early stage projects where the goal is to make a major discovery through exploration generally funded by the junior itself; flagship projects do not yet have a resource estimates.

Prospect GeneratorsCompanies which focus on acquiring or generating prospects with the intention of farming them out to others.
Gold AdvancedCompanies whose flagship project has gold as the primary target metal and a resource estimate, with the corporate goal being the development of a gold deposit.
ExplorationCompanies focused on gold exploration whose projects do not yet have a significant resource estimate.

SilverCompanies which are dedicated to silver exploration or have a major project where silver is the primary target metal.

Platinum Group MetalsCompanies with an advanced project which includes platinum group metals as a significant aspect of potential economic feasibility.

DiamondsCompanies focused on diamond projects.
Base MetalsCopperCompanies whose flagship project has copper has the primary target metal.
NickelCompanies whose flagship project has nickel as the primary target metal.
ZincCompanies whose flagship project has zinc as the primary target metal.
OtherCompanies with an advanced flagship project whose target metal is not copper, zinc or nickel: ie iron, titanium, manganese, tin, lead, bauxite.

Minor MetalsCompanies which have minor metals as their primary focus or a key part of the focus: molybdenum, tungsten, lithium, vanadium, indium, tantalum, niobium, cobalt, beryllium, bismuth, antimony, chromium, but not rare earths.

Rare EarthsCompanies which have rare earths as their primary target metal.

UraniumCompanies with a uranium focus.

EnergyCompanies with an energy focus not including uranium: oil & gas, shale gas, coal, alternative energy.

Industrial MineralsCompanies with a flagship project involving industrial minerals which includes fertilizer minerals such as potash.

MiscellaneousCompanies with an unusual focus not covered by our classification scheme, also includes special situations and companies which acquired non-resource stories not covered by KBFO.

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