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Conference Focus: MIF May 2019

KRO Conference Focus: Metals Investor Forum - Vancouver - May 24-25, 2019
The Metals Investor Forum is a two day conference featuring 20-30 companies invited by independent newsletter writers from their universe of covered companies. The speakers are independent in that their newsletters are funded by individual subscriber fees, not corporate sponsorships. Registration is free but capped at 800 and first opened to the subscribers of the newsletter speakers. The conference provides a free self-serve breakfast and lunch for delegates as well as cocktails at the end of each day. The format consists of sessions kicked off by a 20 minute talk by a newsletter speaker, followed by 10 minute presentations usually by companies invited by the speaker. After the session the speakers move to the "over-flow" room where a question and answer session takes place until the start of the next speaker session. The main speaker later interviews his/her companies in a private 10 minute video session. The 10 minute public speaking slot for the company is intended to give the company an opportunity to outline its story in a manner that hooks the audience's interest. The idea is that audience members will track down the company representative at their "booth" in the exhibitor hall or after the conference if they wish to discuss the company in greater detail. The interview, at least as John Kaiser conducts it, is designed to supplement the main presentation with questions an informed audience member might have wanted to ask. The presentations and interviews are video taped and posted on YouTube. KRO assembles them into a conference focus report so that it is easy to catch those talks missed during the conference and track the companies. Alternatively there is the MIF YouTube Videos site which provides access to all the videos, including those from prior or subsequent conferences.

Grassroots (1) or Target Drilling (2) Flagship Project (1-2) Discovery Delineation (3) or Infill/Metallurgy (4) Flagship Project (3-4) PEA (5) or PFS (6) Flagship Project (5-6)
Feasibility/Permitting (7) or Construction (8) Flagship Project (7-8) Production (9) Flagship Project (9) Current News - Flagship Project
Positive Mkt Signal Negative Mkt Signal Only flagship projects are tagged if there is a news release or a market signal. Click on marker for a snapshot of the company-project with links to free and KRO member only resources. Works best in Google Chrome.

Metals Investor Forum - Vancouver - May 24-25, 2019 - Market Activity for July 18, 2019
Company Free Volume Value High Low Close Chg
92 Resources Corp (NTY-V) 386,000 $13,510 $0.040 $0.030 $0.030 ($0.005)
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd (BAY-V) 102,700 $5,905 $0.060 $0.055 $0.055 $0.000
Chakana Copper Corp (PERU-V) 113,500 $44,265 $0.405 $0.375 $0.400 $0.020
Compass Gold Corp (CVB-V) 126,000 $41,265 $0.345 $0.310 $0.345 $0.030
EMX Royalty Corp (EMX-V) 2,800 $4,732 $1.700 $1.680 $1.680 ($0.020)
First Vanadium Corp (FVAN-V) 121,200 $44,238 $0.380 $0.350 $0.355 ($0.025)
GFG Resources Inc (GFG-V) 358,400 $81,536 $0.240 $0.215 $0.235 $0.015
Goldsource Mines Inc (GXS-V) 2,936,700 $447,847 $0.170 $0.135 $0.160 $0.030
IsoEnergy Ltd (ISO-V) 136,900 $80,771 $0.610 $0.570 $0.610 $0.040
Japan Gold Corp (JG-V) 192,800 $50,128 $0.270 $0.250 $0.260 ($0.005)
Maverix Metals Inc (MMX-T) 10,500 $58,958 $5.650 $5.580 $5.650 $0.090
Minera Alamos Inc (MAI-V) 277,600 $43,028 $0.160 $0.150 $0.155 ($0.005)
Mirasol Resources Ltd (MRZ-V) 43,800 $30,441 $0.720 $0.670 $0.670 $0.000
Nighthawk Gold Corp (NHK-T) 167,000 $92,685 $0.570 $0.540 $0.550 ($0.020)
Northern Shield Resources Inc (NRN-V) 112,000 $9,520 $0.090 $0.080 $0.080 $0.000
Pan Global Resources Inc (PGZ-V) 0 $0 $0.000 $0.000 $0.080 $0.000
Quebec Precious Metals Corp (CJC-V) 46,500 $14,066 $0.305 $0.300 $0.300 $0.000
Radisson Mining Resources Inc (RDS-V) 278,600 $45,969 $0.170 $0.160 $0.170 $0.005
Regulus Resources Inc (REG-V) 33,800 $45,630 $1.360 $1.340 $1.350 ($0.010)
Rise Gold Corp (RISE-CSE) 73,400 $4,955 $0.070 $0.065 $0.065 $0.000
Strikepoint Gold Inc (SKP-V) 1,291,700 $167,921 $0.135 $0.125 $0.125 $0.000
Tinka Resources Ltd (TK-V) 180,500 $40,613 $0.230 $0.220 $0.220 ($0.015)
Triumph Gold Corp (TIG-V) 62,300 $29,748 $0.485 $0.470 $0.480 ($0.010)
Tudor Gold Corp (TUD-V) 43,100 $16,378 $0.390 $0.370 $0.385 $0.000
Vendetta Mining Corp (VTT-V) 243,500 $21,915 $0.090 $0.090 $0.090 $0.000
Zephyr Minerals Ltd (ZFR-V) 5,400 $1,580 $0.295 $0.290 $0.290 $0.000

The KRO MIF May 2019 Index features all the companies that presented at the Metals Investor Forum held May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver. The index is based on the closing price of May 23, 2019 and backdated to Jan 2, 2018. Visit KRO MIF May 2019 Index report.

Main Speaker Presentations

John Kaiser

Eric Coffin

Joe Mazumdar

Gwen Preston

Jay Taylor

Greg McCoach

David Forest

Jordan Roy-Byrne

Exhibitor Presentations & Interviews

92 Resources Corp - Darren Smith

JK interviews Darren Smith

Aston Bay - Thomas Ullrich

EC interviews Thomas Ullrich

Chakana Copper - David Kelley

JM interviews David Kelley

Compass Gold - Larry Phillips

GP interviews Larry Phillips

EMX Royalty - Scott Close

GP interviews Scott Close

First Vanadium - Paul Cowley

GM interviews Paul Cowley

GFG Resources - Brian Skanderbeg

JT interviews Brian Skanderbeg

Goldsource - Yannis Tsitos

JT interviews Yannis Tsitos

ISO Energy - Craig Parry

GP interviews Craig Parry

Japan Gold - John Proust

JM interviews John Proust

Maverix - Matt Fargey

JRB interviews Matt Fargey

Minera Alamos - Doug Ramshaw

JRB interviews Doug Ramshaw

Mirasol - Norman Pitcher

JM interviews Norman Pitcher

Nighthawk - Suzette Ramcharan

GP interviews Suzette Ramcharan

Northern Shield - Ian Bliss

EC interviews Ian Bliss

Pan Global - Tim Moody

EC interviews Tim Moody

Quebec Precious Metals - Normand Champigny

JK interviews Normand Champigny

Radisson - Hubert Parent-Bouchard

JT interviews Hubert Parent-Bouchard

Regulus - John Black

EC interviews John Black

Rise Gold - Ben Mossman

JT interviews Ben Mossman

Strikepoint - Shawn Khunkhun

JT interviews Shawn Khunkhun

Tinka - Graham Carman

GP interviews Graham Carman

Triumph Gold - John Anderson

JRB interviews John Anderson

Tudor Gold - Andrew O'Donnell

Vendetta - Michael Williams

EC interviews Michael Williams

Zephyr - Loren Komperdo

JK interviews Loren Komperdo

92 Resources Corp (NTY-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 8, 2019News: Commencement of the 2019 Exploration Program at Corvette FCI, Quebec
Jun 19, 2019News: 2019 Exploration Program At Corvette FCI, Quebec
May 16, 2019News: The Conversion from Option to Joint Venture with Far Resources Ltd. for the Hidden Lake Property
May 14, 2019News: Appointment of Mr. Darren L. Smith as Vice President of Exploration
May 3, 2019News: Grants Incentive Stock Options
Apr 25, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:10:41
Apr 25, 2019Tracker: 92 Resources Corp creeps closer to Mythril copper zone
Apr 22, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for 92 Resources Corp (NTY-V)
Aston Bay Holdings Ltd (BAY-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 27, 2019News: Adds 2.16 g/t Au over 18.07m and 1.90 g/t Au over 22.22m to Drill Results from Its Buckingham Gold Property in Virginia, USA
Jun 5, 2019News: Drills 62.51 g/t Au over 1.39m and 35.61 g/t Au over 2.03m at its Buckingham Gold Property in Virginia, USA
Apr 30, 2019News: Completes Initial Drill Program at its Buckingham Gold Property in Virginia, USA
Apr 11, 2019News: Commences Drilling on Buckingham Gold Property in Virginia, USA
Apr 8, 2019News: Commences Mobilization for Drill Program on Buckingham Gold Property in Virginia, USA
Chakana Copper Corp (PERU-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 24, 2019News: Commences 20,000m Phase 3 Drill Program at Soledad
May 13, 2019News: Completes CDN$8 Million Strategic Investment From Gold Fields
Apr 29, 2019News: CDN$8 Million Strategic Investment From Gold Fields Limited
Apr 2, 2019News: Intersects 29 Metres With 1.24 g/t Gold, 0.76% Copper, and 227.7 g/t Silver (5.37 g/t Au_eq, 3.52% Cu_eq) at Breccia Pipe 6
Mar 19, 2019News: Chakana Acquires 1% NSR from Condor on Soledad Project, Peru
Compass Gold Corp (CVB-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 10, 2019News: Adds Diamond Drilling To Ongoing Exploration Program On Farabakoura Artisanal Workings
Jun 21, 2019News: Investor Conference Call & Review
Jun 12, 2019News: Launches Latest Drill Program On Farabakoura Artisanal Workings
May 22, 2019News: Grant of Options
May 15, 2019News: Drilling at Farabakoura Intersects 32 m @ 3.02 G/T Gold
EMX Royalty Corp (EMX-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 7, 2019News: Results of AGM, Grant of Annual Stock Options and RSU's
May 30, 2019News: Options Swift And Selena Gold Projects In Nevada To Ridgeline Minerals
May 22, 2019News: Millrock Stakes Additional Claims In Goodpaster Gold District, Alaska
May 21, 2019News: EMX To Purchase Additional Goodpaster Royalty Interests and Make Equity Investment in Corvus Gold
Apr 25, 2019News: Acquires Shares and Warrants of Millrock Resources Inc.
First Vanadium Corp (FVAN-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 25, 2019News: Increases Private Placement Up to $1,375,000
May 24, 2019News: Insider Participation in Private Placement
May 21, 2019News: Private Placement of Up to $1,000,000
Apr 24, 2019News: Extends the Carlin Vanadium Deposit in Nevada by 300 Metres (984ft)
Apr 10, 2019News: Files NI 43 101 Technical Report for the Carlin Vanadium Project, Nevada
GFG Resources Inc (GFG-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 9, 2019News: GFG and Newcrest Begin Drilling at Rattlesnake Hills Gold Project, Wyoming
Jun 20, 2019News: Hits Gold Mineralization at Slate Rock and Crawford Targets at the Pen Gold Project West of Timmins, ON
Apr 24, 2019News: Expands and Identifies New Gold Anomalies and Completes Phase 1 Drill Program at the Pen Gold Project West of Timmins, ON
Apr 3, 2019News: Discovers New Gold Zone With 21.26 G/t Gold Over 1.7 Metres At Pen Gold Project West Of Timmins, ON
Feb 27, 2019News: Begins Drilling and Outlines 2019 Exploration Program at its Pen Gold Project West of Timmins, Ontario
Goldsource Mines Inc (GXS-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 14, 2019News: 2019 AGM Voting Results and Stock Option Grants
May 21, 2019News: Exploration Update At Salbora Discovery And Positive Airborne Geophysics
Apr 11, 2019News: Closes $7,479,600 Brokered Private Placement, Agents' Option Exercised in Full
Mar 12, 2019News: Cdn$5.0 Million Brokered Private Placement
Mar 6, 2019News: Expands Salbora Discovery; 49.5 Metres (31.8 Metres Est. True Width) Grading 2.90 g/t Au 39.0 Metres (25.0 Metres Est. True Width) Grading 2.78 g/t Au
Jul 25, 2008Bottom-Fish Comment: Goldsource drilling miss slams coal juniors
Jun 23, 2008Bottom-Fish Comment: Bitterroot's cross-border coal gambit piggybacks on Goldsource success
Feb 10, 2006Tracker 2006-05: Shore Gold overplays a great hand
IsoEnergy Ltd (ISO-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 11, 2019News: Intersects Strong Uranium Mineralization in 100m Step out at the Hurricane Zone
Jun 25, 2019News: Intersects 5.5m of Uranium Mineralization in First Drill Hole Of Summer Program at the Hurricane Zone
Jun 19, 2019News: Begins Hurricane Uranium Zone Summer Drilling Program
Jun 12, 2019News: Files Larocque East Uranium Property Technical Report
Jun 5, 2019News: Expands Larocque East Uranium Property Through Staking
Japan Gold Corp (JG-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 18, 2019News: Acquires New Gold Project in Central Honshu Further Expanding its Epithermal Gold Portfolio in Japan
Jul 11, 2019News: Expands its Ikutahara Gold Project in North Hokkaido
Jun 26, 2019News: Commences Drilling at the Ohra Takamine Project
May 31, 2019News: Provides Drilling Update
Apr 5, 2019News: Discontinuation of First Quantum Option Agreement for Lithocap Projects
Maverix Metals Inc (MMX-T) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 3, 2019News: Strengthens Board of Directors
Jun 24, 2019News: Bulletin 2019 0460
Jun 20, 2019News: Approved To List On The NYSE American And The Toronto Stock Exchange
Jun 6, 2019News: Welcomes New Institutional Shareholders
Jun 4, 2019News: Gold Fields Disposes of Further Shares of Maverix Metals Inc.
Minera Alamos Inc (MAI-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 17, 2019News: Stock Option Issuance
Jun 27, 2019News: Receives Positive Change of Land Use Notice for its Permit Application at Santana Gold Project
Jun 26, 2019News: Definitive Agreements Executed for Assignment of Guadalupe De Los Reyes Gold Project Option to Epower Metals
May 23, 2019News: Strengthens Mine Operations Team in Advance of Construction Decision at Santana Gold Project
Apr 24, 2019News: Transaction to Accelerate Development of Guadalupe De Los Reyes Gold Project
Mirasol Resources Ltd (MRZ-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 18, 2019News: Encouraging Surface Exploration Results From Its Sascha Marcelina Project In Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
Jun 26, 2019News: Consolidates Additional Claims with its Los Amarillos Gold Silver Project in Chile and Announces Initial Exploration Results
May 8, 2019News: Start of Drilling at Gorbea Project and Provides an Exploration Update
Mar 22, 2019News: Termination of the Option Agreements for La Curva and Claudia Projects
Mar 21, 2019News: Board Changes
Nighthawk Gold Corp (NHK-T) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 26, 2019News: Explores New High grade Targets and Continues Drilling Widespread Mineralization at Colomac
Jun 6, 2019News: Closes $12.6 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing
May 28, 2019News: Drills Record High grade Gold Intersection at Colomac: 56.00 Metres of 13.49 gpt Au (uncut), Including 16.50 Metres of 34.18 gpt Au (uncut)
May 15, 2019News: $9.0 Million Bought Deal Private Placement
Apr 3, 2019News: Commences 2019 Drill Program at its 100% Owned Indin Lake Gold Property
Feb 10, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Jan 5, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:13:37
Northern Shield Resources Inc (NRN-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 24, 2019News: Highest Gold Grades to Date Reported from New Trend at Shot Rock, Nova Scotia
Jun 20, 2019News: Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
May 22, 2019News: Options New Low Sulphidation Epithermal Gold Project in Newfoundland
May 1, 2019News: Expansion of Second Epithermal System at Shot Rock Property, Nova Scotia
Apr 16, 2019News: Second Epithermal System Discovered at Shot Rock Property, Nova Scotia
Dec 30, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:41
Nov 25, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:05:22
Oct 26, 2007Express 2007-09: Could Noront's Tentacle connect to an Octopus on Fancamp's ground?
Oct 24, 2007Express 2007-08: Why does Richard Nemis think Noront's nickel copper discovery is "bigger than Voisey's Bay"?
Oct 19, 2007Kaiser Blog: Is McFauld's Lake Shaping up as a Great Canadian Area Play?
Pan Global Resources Inc (PGZ-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 21, 2019News: Results of Annual General And Special Meeting of Shareholders and Private Placement Financing
Jun 14, 2019News: Initial Geophysics Results from the Escacena Project in Spain and Prepares for Drilling
May 24, 2019News: Gains Access to the Torrubia Copper Target
May 14, 2019News: First Drill Results from the Aguilas Project in Spain
Feb 1, 2019News: Appoints Patrick Evans as Chairman of the Board
Quebec Precious Metals Corp (CJC-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 9, 2019News: Multiple 100 m+ Intercepts and Multiple 10%+ Cg Zones at La Loutre Flake Graphite Project
Jun 18, 2019News: Message from the CEO
Jun 5, 2019News: Extends La Pointe deposit at depth to 600 m and on strike to 900 m
May 31, 2019News: Appoints Mario Caron, Dominique Dionne and Charles Main to its Board of Directors
May 31, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:11:23
May 23, 2019News: Provides Update On Monetizing Non Core Assets
May 2, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:16:44
Apr 30, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Quebec Precious Metals Corp (CJC-V)
Radisson Mining Resources Inc (RDS-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 14, 2019News: AGM Results and the Election of Directors
May 6, 2019News: Appoints Michael Gentile, CFA Strategic Advisor
Apr 5, 2019News: Grants Stock Options
Mar 26, 2019News: Start of New Resource estimate based on geological reinterpretation completed at the O'Brien Gold project
Mar 20, 2019News: Intersects 6.13 g/t Gold over 4.70 m, West of current Resources at the O'Brien Gold Project
Nov 25, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:21:41
Regulus Resources Inc (REG-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 6, 2019News: Appoints Jason Attew To Board Of Directors And Chair of the Audit Committee
Apr 2, 2019News: Extends Mineralization 500m To The Northwest At The AntaKori Copper Gold Project, Peru
Mar 1, 2019News: Appointment of VP, Corporate Development and Resignation of Director
Feb 4, 2019News: Grant of Stock Options
Jan 30, 2019News: Extends High Grade Copper Gold Mineralization to the North at the AntaKori Project, Peru
Nov 26, 2014Bottom-Fish Comment: Bottom-Fish Strategy for Regulus Resources Inc
Jul 16, 2012Bottom-Fish Comment: Bottom-Fish Strategy for Regulus Resources Inc
Rise Gold Corp (RISE-CSE) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 11, 2019News: Closes First Tranche of Financing
Jul 3, 2019News: C$1.75 Million Financing
Jul 2, 2019News: Provides Grade Ranges and Clarifications for Initial Exploration Target
Jun 28, 2019News: Significant Exploration Target at the Idaho Maryland Gold Project
May 21, 2019News: Intersects High Grade Gold 600 m Below Lowest Level of Exploration on Idaho #1 Vein at Idaho Maryland
Strikepoint Gold Inc (SKP-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 16, 2019News: 2019 Phase 1 Drilling and Surface Exploration Program at the High Grade Willoughby Gold Property
Jul 10, 2019News: Upsize Of Previously Announced Private Placement To $2 Million
Jun 25, 2019News: $1,500,000 Private Placement
Jun 13, 2019News: The Creation of Technical Advisory Committee
Jun 3, 2019News: Appoints New Director from Ascot Resources Ltd.
Tinka Resources Ltd (TK-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 2, 2019News: Positive PEA for the Ayawilca Zinc Project After Tax NPV8% of US$363M and IRR of 27% Initial Capex of US$262M
Jun 5, 2019News: High Zinc Recoveries in Metallurgical Tests from Ayawilca
Apr 23, 2019News: Commences 2019 Drill Program at Ayawilca
Mar 14, 2019News: AGM Results
Feb 28, 2019News: Upcoming Exploration Drill Program at Ayawilca and Status of PEA
Triumph Gold Corp (TIG-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 18, 2019News: Commences A Landmark Drill Program On The Freegold Mountain Property, Yukon, Testing Beneath The Gold Rich Blue Sky Porphyry And WAu Breccia
Jun 13, 2019News: Closes Second Tranche Of Private Placement
May 10, 2019News: Update on Private Placement
Apr 16, 2019News: Private Placement
Apr 9, 2019News: Agreement On The Carmacks Bypass Reached
Tudor Gold Corp (TUD-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 19, 2019News: Investor Relations Agreement
Jun 11, 2019News: Initiates 2019 Drill Program
Jun 7, 2019News: Closes Oversubscribed $2.3 Million Financing Including an Additional $1 Million Strategic Investment by Eric Sprott
Jun 5, 2019News: Increase Of Non Brokered Private Placement For Proceeds Of Up To $2.3 Million
Jun 4, 2019News: Engages Mackie Research Capital for Market Liquidity Services
Vendetta Mining Corp (VTT-V) TSCWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jul 10, 2019News: Provides Project and Corporate Update
May 8, 2019News: Closes A$3.0M Funding Package to Complete Pegmont Acquisition and Private Placement Update
Apr 25, 2019News: Obtains Due Diligence Clearance for A$3.0M Funding Package to Complete Pegmont Acquisition
Apr 12, 2019News: Signs Term Sheet for A$3.0M Funding Package to Complete Pegmont Acquisition
Mar 29, 2019News: Paid Pegmont project Vendor (Pegmont Mined Ltd.) A$50,000
Sep 13, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:22:16
Jun 30, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
May 3, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:03:33
Oct 21, 2016Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:12:31
Zephyr Minerals Ltd (ZFR-V) TSCRSWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteFREE
Jun 28, 2019News: To Commence Airborne Geophysical Survey
Jun 5, 2019News: Closes private placement
May 31, 2019News: Results of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders; New Director
May 8, 2019Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:39
May 3, 2019Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Zephyr Minerals Ltd (ZFR-V)
Apr 15, 2019News: Identifies Potential for Broken Hill Type Deposit
Mar 4, 2019News: Appoints Dr. Paul Spry as Technical Advisor
Dec 22, 2017Bottom-Fish Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Zephyr Minerals Ltd


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