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KRO Resource Centers

KRO Resource Centers
Diamonds Resource Centers feature collections of companies defined by a common topic such as target metal or region. The Diamond Resource Center is also the gateway to the Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation which features technical, media and corporate articles going back a hundred years. Patricia Sheahan publishes a new list every month she distributes as a pdf. John Kaiser in turn incorporates the new references into a database and updates the current year's scientific and media-corporate collections. Where possible he tracks down a link for the online location of the scientific and media references, and includes the abstract for the scientific article if available. Most Resource Centers feature a daily market activity table for companies tagged as a member of the collection.
Scandium Features companies with a primary scandium project.
Back to America This Resource Center does not have a market activity table and is generated computationally based on a company having a flagship project located in the United States. The company name links to the Free Corporate Profile for the company which will have an embedded Google Earth map for that company's projects if the company has made sufficient location information available. The project name links directly into the members only KRO Company Profile where the project is located. The "Back to America" theme is based on the notion that as globalization fragments and great power tensions rise, there will be a renewed interest in metal deposits located in the United States.
Nevada Features companies tagged as having a significant focus on Nevada.
Pilbara Back in 2017 there was hope that Novo's recognition of the nuggets contained in the thin conglomerate unit sandwiched between the older Pilbara craton and the younger Mt Roe Basalt could rival South Africa's Witwatersrand 2. 6 billion ounce gold endowment. Dubbed Wits 2.0, the play stalled as Novo struggled to overcome the grade measurement problem, in part because of a regulatory catch-22 where to get approval for a large bulk sample one needs a JORC resource estimate, but the bulk sample is needed to define what it takes to generate a JORC resource estimate for the Wits 2.0 nuggets.
Quebec Features companies with a significant project focus in Quebec.
Golden Triangle The northwestern corner of British Columbia has an extraordinary endowment of precious and base metals. And, unfortunately, snow, which limits the exploration season from June through October.
Rare Earths Rare Earth Mania 1.0 unfolded during 2009-2012 when the Chinese created a temporary supply squeeze. REO Mania 2.0 will be driven when new demand generated by the electric vehicle buildout exceeds current mine supply, which may also once again be curtailed by China as geopolitical tension between autocracy and democracy escalates. The REO Resource Center features companies has having a rae earth focus. It also has a list of known rare earth deposits with a link to a members only page featuring that deposit.

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