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KRO Profile
KRO Company Profile

Hudson Resources Inc (HUD-V)

TSCRSSearchWeb SiteTreeForumSEDARQuoteIPV
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 16, 2017109,700$0.45$0.42$0.42($0.03)Trading
Basic Info
Listed On:TSX Venture: HUD2/7/2001Sector:ResourceKey People
Issued:134,604,8733/31/2017Story Type:Diamond & REE ExplorationJames R. Tuer (CEO), John W. W. Hick (Chair), Alnesh Mohan (CFO)
JK Owns:No
Insider Stake:2%10/4/2016Tel:(604) 628-5002
Working Capital:$10,454,2063/31/2017Email:Address
Market Cap:$56,534,047
Web Site:hudsonresources.caSuite 420 - 1639 2nd Ave W, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1H3, Canada
Cash Breakup:$0.03per shTwitter:
Ranking within Company's Price Range based Group
All KRO as of Oct 16, 2017Group MedianCompanyPercentileScore
Price Range:$0.30-$0.49Issued:49,510,437134,604,87317.9%54.1%
Price Group Total:145Working Cap:$893,749$10,454,20690.3%
TSXV KRO as of Oct 16, 2017Group MedianCompanyPercentileScore
Price Range:$0.30-$0.49Issued:42,061,815134,604,87313.6%53.6%
Price Group Total:125Working Cap:$813,657$10,454,20693.6%
Group figures exclude delisted and suspended companies. The higher the company percentile the better, based on the assumptions that the lowest issued shares and highest working capital are best. The score is the average of the percentiles. A percentile is that percentage of a group that a member ranks higher than. Note that issued and WC reflect latest financials.
History of Past Recommendations
Edition Date Price
Recommendation Gain
SV2009 9/8/2009 $0.41 Good Relative Spec Value Buy @ $0.41 0%
SV2009 11/13/2009 $0.63 Fair Relative Spec Value Hold 54%
SV2009 1/4/2011 $1.78 Good Relative Spec Value Buy 0%
SV2009 4/5/2011 $0.99 Closeout Relative Spec Value Buy Cycle @ $0.99 142%
SV2011 4/5/2011 $0.99 Good Relative Spec Value Buy 0%
SV2011 12/7/2011 $0.63 Fair Relative Spec Value Hold -36%
SV2011 12/30/2011 $0.46 SV Technical Closeout Hold 0% -54%
Charts & Financing Activity

 Most recent 43-101 resource estimate  Prior resource estimate  PEA  PFS  FS/BFS/DFS
Private Placement Key
less than $500,000 $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 $5,000,000 - $10,000,000 $20,000,000 - $50,000,000
$500,000 - $1,000,000 $2,000,000 - $5,000,000 $10,000,000 - $20,000,000 over $50,000,000
Private placement financing dates and value ranges are based on transactions reported by the TSXV Monthly Review.
Date Company Type Quantity Price FT Units Amount Broker
Dec 6, 2002 Hudson Resources Inc PP 1,339,669 $0.150
Units $200,950
Mar 30, 2004 Hudson Resources Inc PP 1,350,000 $0.225
Units $303,750
Aug 16, 2004 Hudson Resources Inc PP 1,455,000 $0.300
Units $436,500
Nov 23, 2004 Hudson Resources Inc PP 2,422,700 $0.550
Units $1,332,485
Nov 23, 2004 Hudson Resources Inc PP 480,000 $0.550
Units $264,000
Apr 21, 2006 Hudson Resources Inc PP 2,693,001 $0.600
Units $1,615,801
Apr 26, 2006 Hudson Resources Inc PP 2,685,332 $0.600
Units $1,611,199
Jun 14, 2007 Hudson Resources Inc PP 6,000,000 $1.000
Units $6,000,000
Feb 2, 2009 Hudson Resources Inc PP 5,520,000 $0.100
Units $552,000
Jul 10, 2009 Hudson Resources Inc PP 5,300,000 $0.200
Units $1,060,000
Apr 1, 2010 Hudson Resources Inc PP 6,250,000 $0.800
Units $5,000,000
Apr 5, 2011 Hudson Resources Inc SOM 15,800,000 $0.950

$15,010,000 Dahlman Rose & Company, LLC
Sep 4, 2015 Hudson Resources Inc PP 8,047,000 $0.500
Units $4,023,500
Sep 18, 2015 Hudson Resources Inc PP 754,600 $0.500
Units $377,300
Aug 15, 2016 Hudson Resources Inc PP 4,050,000 $0.400
Units $1,620,000
Feb 21, 2017 Hudson Resources Inc PP 32,266,507 $0.350
Units $11,293,277
Apr 11, 2017 Hudson Resources Inc PP 8,000,000 $0.500
Units $4,000,000
Financials Dated: March 31, 2017 Reporting Period: 12 months Year End: 03/31 Currency: CAD
Assets Liabilities Income
Cash Equivalents: $6,382,573 Current Liabilities: $2,079,941 Operating Revenues: $0
Receivables etc: $6,151,574 Tangible LT Debt: $1,529,732 Operating Cash Costs: $0
Current Assets: $12,534,147 Intangible LT Debt: $0 Operating Cash Flow: $0
Long Term Assets:$5,264,747Total Liabilities:$3,609,673Operating Non-Cash Costs:$0

Miscellaneous Revenue:$0
Total Assets: $17,798,894 Share Capital: $6,060,630 Cash Expenses: $4,230,588

Shareholder Deficit: $8,128,591 Non-Cash Expenses: $1,414,923
Working Capital: $10,454,206 Net Shareholder Equity: $14,189,221 Total Expenses: $5,645,511

Overall Cash Flow:($4,230,588)
Monthly Overhead:$352,549

Net Income (Loss):($5,645,511)

Structure & People
Directors, Officers and Employees: 2,376,750 1.8% AGM: October 4, 2016
Other Insiders: 0 0.0% People Tree Available
Past Reported Shareholders: 11,309,800 N/A
Related Party Occupation Related
Insider Director Officer Capacity Ownership %
John W. W. Hick Lawyer 9/30/2002 Chairman 266,667 0.2%
Flemming Knudson

10,000 0.0%
John McConnell

25,000 0.0%
John A. McDonald Geologist 4/30/2010

147,500 0.1%
James R. Tuer
3/7/2000 CEO & President 1,609,583 1.2%
Herbert G.A. Wilson Businessman 11/6/2012

10,000 0.0%
James K. Cambon Diplomat

VP Corp Dev 308,000 0.2%
Jerry Janik Geologist 3/30/2017

Advisory Board 0 0.0%
Alnesh Mohan Accountant 4/30/2010
CFO 0 0.0%
Past Insiders and Reported Shareholders - Current Ownership Status unknown
Related Party Occupation Related

Capacity Ownership
F. Andrew Abbott Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 83,333
Dennis Burdett Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 105,000
Steve Burleton Financial Planner 6/14/2007

Placee 40,000
Tasha Cacic Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 400,000
Robert F. Chase Businessman 3/7/2000 4/30/2010 4/30/2010
Director 250,000
Ted Clarkson Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 25,000
David M. Craig Broker (Pro) 11/23/2004

Placee 47,300
Jamie Doll Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 10,000
Chris Duggan Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 20,000
Candy Durbeniuk Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 12,500
David B. Elliott Broker (Pro) 4/26/2006

Placee 100,000
John Ferguson
9/30/2002 4/30/2010 4/30/2010
Director 485,000
Catherine Gignac Analyst 6/14/2007

Placee 25,000
Ronald C. Goos Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 30,000
Allison Gorwill Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 100,000
Andrew N. Greatex Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 50,000
Stephen Halliday Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 20,000
Robert C. Heilig Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 40,000
Darcy Higgs Broker (Pro) 4/26/2006

Placee 100,000
Andrew Howland Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 10,000
Andrew Kaip Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 15,000
John Kiernan Broker (Pro) 2/2/2009

Placee 50,000
Hanna Krause Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 50,000
Blaine Kune Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 110,000
Colin Lam Broker (Pro) 7/17/2007

Placee 20,000
Wayne McNeill Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 750,000
Patrick B. Meneley Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 66,667
Shayne Nyquvest Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 50,000
Eric Olsen Engineer 6/14/2007

Placee 750,000
Suzan Olsen Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 250,000
Britton Osler Broker (Pro) 2/2/2009

Placee 300,000
Lesley Rogers Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 15,000
Michael S. Rogers Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 15,000
Thomas W. Seltzer Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 25,000
David Shepherd Broker (Pro) 4/26/2006

Placee 100,000
Jack M. Sieb Broker (Pro) 7/10/2009

Placee 100,000
Aline Smolensky Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 302,500
Art Smolensky Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 250,000
Clive M. Stockdale Broker (Pro) 8/16/2004

Placee 100,000
Teck Resources Ltd Public Company 11/6/2008

Insider 5,000,000
Michael J. Tims Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 200,000
Robert W. Tozer

Placee 15,000
Vicki Tozer Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 10,000
Gia-Van Tran

Insider 0
Dean Trimble Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 25,000
John Tuer Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 50,000
John Wagstaff Broker (Pro) 7/17/2007

Placee 50,000
Mark Wayne Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 500,000
John Willett Broker (Pro) 6/14/2007

Placee 50,000
Susan Witt Broker (Pro) 4/1/2010

Placee 137,500
Share positions of current insiders based on last AGM circular, ownership % based on current Issued. Share positions of past insiders and shareholders have not been adjusted for rollbacks or splits.
Active Index Memberships
Membership Start Date:December 4, 2008Start Price:$0.10
KRO Rare Earth Index: Includes companies with an advanced rare earth deposit and which are added to the index when the company makes advancement of its rare earth deposit is primary focus.
Risk Analysis

Click here to view IPV Report

Key to Understanding the Spec Value Hunter Tables
Flagship Play Secondary Plays Other Plays
A Spec Value Hunter table allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value according to the rational speculation model. The speculative value depends on the project stage, the project's implied value as calculated by the company's fully diluted, stock price and net project interest, and the dream target deemed appropriate for the project. A dream target is what a project would be worth in discounted cash flow terms once in production.
Poor Speculative Value - Fair Speculative Value - Good Speculative Value -
Note: narrow arrows indicate IPV is outside the fair value channel but within 25% of the fair value limits
Active Company Projects
StageIPV $


Target MetalsDeposit Style
White MountainGreenlandGreenland100% WI5-PEA $72 Other
Sarfartoq CarbonatiteGreenlandScandinavia100% WI5-PEA $72 Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium TantalumCarbonatite
Company Projects

White Mountain Project
Share Collective Boomtown
White MountainGreenland
Greenland0 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms:
Target Metals: OtherModel:
Stage: 5-PEA
Notes on White Mountain Project
The White Mountain anorthosite project is targeting anorthosite, a calcium feldspar mineral comprising aluminum, silica and calcium. Potential industrial applications include alumina production, fibreglass feedstock, and paint, plastics and paper fillers. White Mountain is on tidewater and located 40 kilometres from the ST1 area. The proposed anorthosite project would be an open-pit mining operation similar in scope to a quarry with little processing required to provide a high-value product to European and North American markets. As of September 2012, 33 holes have been completed at White Mountain totalling 3,400 metres over an area measuring approximately six kilometres by two kilometres. Almost 100 per cent anorthosite was intersected in every hole demonstrating the massive nature of this body. If a marketable resource can be developed it has the potential to provide significant cash flow with a short start-up time.
Milestone Timeline
Metallurgical Study2013 Q1 Mid January2013 Q1 Mid JanuaryMetallurgical testwork program underway, and initial work using hydrochloric acid (HCl) indicate high solubility of the anorthosite material at normal atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperatures with aluminum recoveries around 90%.
Metallurgical Study2013 Q22013 Q2Upon completion of metallurgical work a PEA is to begin, to determine the preliminary economics of producing an alumina product, and potential silica and calcium byproducts.

Sarfartoq Carbonatite Project
Sarfartoq CarbonatiteGreenland
Scandinavia130,000 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms: Exploration permits.
Target Metals: Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium TantalumModel: CarbonatiteStage: 5-PEA
Notes on Sarfartoq Carbonatite Project
The Sarfartoq carbonatite complex has historically been viewed as unique in terms of the high niobium, uranium and tantalum concentrations. These are unusually high in comparison with any other such deposits throughout the world. It is one of the larger carbonatite complexes with approximate dimensions of 13 by eight kilometres. It is located near tidewater and adjacent to excellent potential hydroelectric sites. Hudson has received five years of historical data on the Sarfartoq carbonatite project that was completed by New Millennium Resources NL and Hecla Mining Company. The reports are extensive and demonstrate the advanced nature of the project with prefeasibility level studies completed between 1999, to 2002. Past work focused on the high-grade niobium bearing lens and no follow-up was done on some highly anomalous REE results in a number of areas within radiometric anomalies in the ring structures of the carbonatite. Hudson has compiled a total of 169 reconnaissance samples from these reports. Fifty-four of these samples were collected on the north side of the Sarfartoq carbonatite and outlined several exceptional REE targets. The north area has seen little advanced exploration even though the average combined lanthanum, cerium and neodymium oxides of these samples averaged 1.1 per cent with a number of samples exceeding 4.0 per cent. Metallurgical tests will commence in the last quarter of 2010. Limited mineralogical work to date on 20 samples suggests the rare earths are present in carbonatite as the REE-fluorocarbonate minerals bastnasite-(Ce), synchysite-(Ce), synchysite-(Nd) and minor monazite-(Ce).

Milestone Timeline
Delineation2010 Q22010 Q2Initiated 3,000 m delineation drill program on ST1 and ST40 zones, being expanded to complete 4,000-5,000 m by end of June 2010.
Project Financing2010 Q3 Early August2010 Q3 Early AugustEnd of hold period for private placement of 6,250,000 units at $0.80
Target Testing2010 Q3 August2010 Q3 August2,000m of exploratory drilling of new targets generated by prospecting and mapping in July 2010 begins early August.
Delineation2010 Q32010 Q3Assay results in batches gradually outlining the geometry of ST1 and ST40 zones allowing back of the napkin tonnage-grade estimates.
Initial Resource Estimate2011 Q1 Early January2011 Q1 Early JanuaryInitial 43-101 inferred resource estimate for ST1 zones published on Jan 4, 2011.
Delineation2011 Q2 May2011 Q2 MayMinimum 10,000m Infill drilling program to upgrade the known resource, as well as further drilling along strike and down dip of known mineralization intended to increase tonnage, to begin.
Metallurgical Study2011 Q22011 Q2Results of bench scale metallurgical study for 100 kg sample from 2010 summer drill core.
Economic Study - PEA2011 Q32011 Q3Preliminary economic assessment expected during the third quarter.
Economic Study - PFS2011 Q42011 Q4Prefeasibility study to begin during the second half of 2011.
Permitting2011 Q42011 Q4Hudson intends to apply for an exploitation license during the fourth quarter.
Updated Resource Estimate2012 Q12012 Q1Updated resource estimate expected, to incorporate results from all 2011 drilling.
Delineation2012 Q2 Late May2012 Q2 Late May2012 drilling to focus on delineating high grade zones encountered in 2011 drilling, as well as testing of new zones across the property.
Economic Study - PEA2012 Q22012 Q2Following completion of an updated resource estimate, Hudson intends to update the December 2011 PEA with most recent grade and tonnage inputs.
Permitting20122012Hudson intends to apply for a mining permit during 2012, with a possible construction start during 2013.
Economic Study - PFS2012 H22012 H2Prefeasibility study to begin in H2 2012.
Environmental Study2012 Q42012 Q4Hudson's baseline environmental study expected to be completed.
Commercial Production20152015Earliest potential mining date.
Base Case Resource Estimates
Project Resource Estimate - Sarfartoq Carbonatite
Jan 4, 2011NI 43-101Ronald G Simpson, GeoSim Services IncCutoff: 0.8% TREO
Note: TREO basket price deck used was domestic spot $35/kg, others 3 yr domestic $29, FOB spot $58, 3 yr FOB $71, Toyota 2016 $27
Resource CategoryTonnageTotal
Rock Value
MetalGradeRecoveryContained Metal% of GMV
Inferred Mineral Resources14,058,000$530/tRare-Earth-Metals1.514%100.0%212,838,120 kg100%
All Categories Spot14,058,000$530/tRare-Earth-Metals1.514%
212,838,120 kg100%
Spot Gross Metal ValueMarket Cap as % of Net GMVSpot Prices Used
$7,449,334,2001.0%Rare-Earth-Metals $35.00/kg
Company Related KRO Comments
May 4, 2012Index Member Comment: GMEL publishes PFS that turns Kvanefjeld into a rare earth supply contender
Dec 7, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson PEA grants it admission to the rare earth supply contender race
Apr 5, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson raises $17.26 million for Sarfartoq rare earth project in Greenland
Jan 4, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson reports initial rare earth resource for Sarfartoq
Sep 7, 2010Quick Note: Greenland Minerals & Energy Ltd (GGG-ASX)
Jun 2, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson drilling at Sarfartoq ahead of schedule
Mar 2, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Watch out for a post PDAC Hudson price spike that occurs in isolation from the sector
Feb 25, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson gearing up for early resumption of exploration in Greenland
Nov 13, 2009Spec Value Hunter Comment: Sarfartoq drill results confirm significant LREE carbonatite system
Sep 17, 2009Spec Value Hunter Comment: Hudson reports sample results for ST1 zone at Sarfartoq
Sep 8, 2009Tracker 2009-05: Hudson's Sarfartoq carbonatite complex emerging as major neodymium enriched rare earth project
Jan 16, 2007Excerpt: Bottom-Fish Action Report - Stornoway wraps up Ashton amid further kimberlite dyke news

Company News Releases - Members Only
Sep 25, 2017Construction Update For The White Mountain Project, Greenland
Aug 3, 2017Shares for Bonuses
Aug 1, 2017US$9.5 Million Drawdown From Recent Debt Financing For The White Mountain Project
Jul 17, 2017Completion of Arrangement for US$22.5 Million Debt Financing for the White Mountain Project
Jun 29, 2017Update on Engineering and Construction Activities at the White Mountain Anorthosite Project in Greenland
May 18, 2017Agreement To Establish Distribution Hub In Savannah, Georgia
Apr 11, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 10, 2017Closes Greenland Venture A/S Financing For $4 Million
Mar 30, 2017Appoints Mr. Jerry Janik As Senior Advisor For The Paints And Coatings Business
Mar 24, 2017$4 Million Investment By Greenland Venture A/s
Feb 21, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 9, 2017Change Of Auditor
Feb 7, 2017That The European Investment Bank Approves Debt Financing Of The White Mountain Project
Feb 2, 2017Closes Equity Financing For Total Proceeds Of $9,326,697
Nov 2, 2016Provides Project Update For Its White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland
Oct 13, 2016ASC Delinquent Filer; Fees
Sep 29, 2016Defines Robust Business Plan For The Paint, Coatings And Polymer Industries With Its White Mountain Anorthosite From Greenland
Aug 16, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered; Amendment
Aug 15, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Aug 3, 2016Private Placement
Jul 26, 2016Commences Construction At The White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland
Jul 20, 2016Appointment Of Herb Wilson To Its Senior Management Team
Apr 19, 2016Signs Mandate Letter With The European Investment Bank Regarding Debt Financing Of The White Mountain Project
Dec 24, 2015Removed from BCSC Delinquent Filer List - 2015/11/25 OT Filings
Dec 23, 2015BCSC Delinquent Filer 28 Days; Non-Compliance of Technical Disclosur
Dec 15, 2015Clarifies And Corrects Disclosure
Oct 2, 2015Signs Exploitation License And Impact Benefit Agreement In Greenland And Provides Update On Pre construction Activities
Sep 17, 2015Closes Second Tranche Of Equity Financing For Total Proceeds Of $377,300
Sep 11, 2015Awarded 30 Year Mining License For The White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland
Sep 9, 2015Grants Of Options
Sep 3, 2015Closes Equity Financing For Total Proceeds Of $4,023,500
Aug 19, 2015Hudson Secures Short Term Bridge Loan
Aug 7, 2015Private Placement
Jul 30, 2015Signs 10 Year Global Supply Agreement For The White Mountain Anorthosite Project
May 13, 2015Successfully Concludes Community Consultation Meetings In Greenland For The White Mountain Project
Mar 30, 2015Robust Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) For Specialty Alumina Production From The White Mountain Anorthosite
Dec 11, 2014Produces Specialty Grade Calcined Alumina Using White Mountain Anorthosite
Jul 29, 2014Hudson Resources Announces White Mountain Calcium Feldspar Used Successfully In Owens Corning Furnace Test
May 2, 2014Initiates Mining Application For Its White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland
Apr 25, 2014Grants Of Options
Feb 19, 2014Updates Alumina Development Program At Its White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland
Nov 27, 2013Completes Community Meetings For The White Mountain Project In Greenland And Provides Project Update
Sep 19, 2013Produces High Quality Alumina From Its White Mountain Anorthosite Project In Greenland


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