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KRO Profile
KRO Company Profile

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc (AVL-T)

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Open Recommendation: see Status - Members Only
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 16, 2017366,700$0.15$0.14$0.14$0.01Trading
Basic Info
Listed On:TSX: AVL6/22/1994Sector:ResourceKey People
Issued:189,344,6605/31/2017Story Type:Specialty MetalsDonald S. Bubar (CEO), Alan L. H. Ferry (Chair), R. James Anderson (CFO), William Mercer (VP EX), Richard Pratt (Sec)
JK Owns:No
Insider Stake:3%2/22/2017Tel:(416) 364-4938
Working Capital:($2,227,770)5/31/2017Email:Address
Market Cap:$26,508,252
Web Site:avalonraremetals.com130 Adelaide St W. Suite 1901, Toronto, ON, M5H 3P5, Canada
Cash Breakup:($0.01)per shTwitter:
Corporate Change History

#Old for NewLast PricePrior NameSubsequent NameDetails
Feb 26, 2016Name Change1:1$0.14Avalon Rare Metals Inc (AVL-T)Avalon Advanced Materials Inc (AVL-T)
Ranking within Company's Price Range based Group
All KRO as of Oct 16, 2017Group MedianCompanyPercentileScore
Price Range:$0.10-$0.19Issued:52,314,232189,344,6609.6%8.7%
Price Group Total:270Working Cap:$285,630($2,227,770)7.8%
Group figures exclude delisted and suspended companies. The higher the company percentile the better, based on the assumptions that the lowest issued shares and highest working capital are best. The score is the average of the percentiles. A percentile is that percentage of a group that a member ranks higher than. Note that issued and WC reflect latest financials.
History of Past Recommendations
Edition Date Price
Recommendation Gain
BF1997 12/23/1996 $0.80 New BF MP Buy $0.76-$1.00 0%
BF1997 10/19/2004 $0.15 BF Cycle Closeout Sell 100% -85%
BF2009 4/26/2005 $0.13 New BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19 -32%
BF2009 3/22/2006 $1.18 New Spec Cycle Hold 100% 521%
BF2009 11/7/2007 $1.76 Confirm Spec Cycle Hold 100% 826%
SV2007 11/7/2007 $1.76 Good Absolute Spec Value Buy 0%
BF2009 1/17/2008 $1.54 Confirm Spec Cycle Hold 100% 711%
SV2007 1/17/2008 $1.54 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy -13%
SV2007 10/28/2008 $0.60 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy -66%
SV2007 12/24/2008 $0.32 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy -82%
SV2007 5/26/2009 $1.33 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy -24%
BF2009 7/31/2009 $2.08 Confirm BF Spec Cycle Hold 100% 995%
SV2007 10/28/2009 $2.35 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy 33%
BF2009 5/13/2010 $2.44 Confirm BF Spec Cycle Hold 100% 1,184%
SV2007 6/25/2010 $2.19 Confirm Good Absolute Spec Value Buy 24%
SV2007 4/6/2011 $8.34 Fair Relative Spec Value Hold 374%
SV2007 7/8/2011 $6.35 Good Absolute Spec Value Buy @ $6.35 261%
BF2009 12/30/2011 $2.41 BF Technical Closeout Hold 0% 1,168%
SV2007 12/30/2011 $2.41 SV Technical Closeout Hold 0% 37%
SV2012 12/30/2011 $2.41 Good Relative Spec Value Buy 0%
SV2012 4/13/2012 $2.66 Good Absolute Spec Value Buy @ $2.66 10%
SV2012 5/7/2012 $2.16 Closeout Absolute Spec Value Buy Cycle @ $2.16 -10%
Charts & Financing Activity

 Most recent 43-101 resource estimate  Prior resource estimate  PEA  PFS  FS/BFS/DFS
Private Placement Key
less than $500,000 $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 $5,000,000 - $10,000,000 $20,000,000 - $50,000,000
$500,000 - $1,000,000 $2,000,000 - $5,000,000 $10,000,000 - $20,000,000 over $50,000,000
Private placement financing dates and value ranges are based on transactions reported by the TSXV Monthly Review.
Date Company Type Quantity Price FT Units Amount Broker
Jan 29, 2002 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 1,040,000 $0.250
Units $260,000
Dec 31, 2002 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 670,000 $0.150 FT Units $100,500
Aug 1, 2003 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 840,000 $0.150 FT Units $126,000
Aug 1, 2003 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 210,000 $0.150
Units $31,500
Dec 30, 2003 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 1,060,000 $0.250 FT Units $265,000
Jan 21, 2004 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 3,423,000 $0.200
Units $684,600
Dec 29, 2004 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 1,360,000 $0.150 FT Units $204,000
Apr 12, 2005 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 2,000,000 $0.120
Units $240,000
Jan 17, 2006 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 3,500,000 $0.450
Units $1,575,000
Dec 27, 2006 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 1,500,000 $1.050 FT Units $1,575,000
Dec 24, 2007 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 7,610,000 $1.550
Units $11,795,500
Dec 24, 2007 Avalon Ventures Ltd PP 2,750,000 $1.850 FT Units $5,087,500
Financials Dated: May 31, 2017 Reporting Period: 9 months Year End: 08/31 Currency: CAD
Assets Liabilities Income
Cash Equivalents: $1,432,915 Current Liabilities: $3,979,363 Operating Revenues: $0
Receivables etc: $318,678 Tangible LT Debt: $145,435 Operating Cash Costs: $0
Current Assets: $1,751,593 Intangible LT Debt: $158,165 Operating Cash Flow: $0
Long Term Assets:$118,722,280Total Liabilities:$4,282,963Operating Non-Cash Costs:$0

Miscellaneous Revenue:$0
Total Assets: $120,473,873 Share Capital: $168,707,620 Cash Expenses: $1,373,724

Shareholder Deficit: ($52,516,710) Non-Cash Expenses: $62,235
Working Capital: ($2,227,770) Net Shareholder Equity: $116,190,910 Total Expenses: $1,435,959

Overall Cash Flow:($1,373,724)
Monthly Overhead:$152,636

Net Income (Loss):($1,435,959)

Structure & People
Directors, Officers and Employees: 6,009,100 3.2% AGM: February 22, 2017
Other Insiders: 0 0.0% People Tree Available
Past Reported Shareholders: 6,656,500 N/A
Related Party Occupation Related
Insider Director Officer Capacity Ownership %
Donald S. Bubar Geologist 2/17/1995 CEO & President 5,361,100 2.8%
Alan L. H. Ferry Analyst 2/24/2000 Chairman 225,000 0.1%
Brian D. MacEachen Accountant 11/16/1998

340,000 0.2%
Patricia Mohr

0 0.0%
Jane Pagel Businessman 2/24/2016

34,000 0.0%
Ken Thomas Engineer 2/27/2014

49,000 0.0%
R. James Anderson
CFO 0 0.0%
Finley Bakker Geologist

Chief Geologist 0 0.0%
Harry Burgess Consultant 10/18/2010

Advisory Board 0 0.0%
Tim Butler
VP 0 0.0%
Brian Delaney Engineer 10/18/2010

Project Manager 0 0.0%
Ron Malashewski Investor Relations 7/29/2010

IR 0 0.0%
Dave Marsh Metallurgist 8/7/2012

VP 0 0.0%
William Mercer Geologist 6/21/2007
VP Exploration 0 0.0%
Pierre Neatby
VP 0 0.0%
Richard Pratt Lawyer 6/7/2011
Corporate Secretary 0 0.0%
Dezhi Qi Metallurgist 10/18/2010

0 0.0%
Mark Wiseman
VP 0 0.0%
Past Insiders and Reported Shareholders - Current Ownership Status unknown
Related Party Occupation Related

Capacity Ownership
Brian Chandler Engineer 6/7/2011 5/30/2013

Insider 0
David Connelly
5/10/2010 2/25/2014 2/25/2014
Insider 527,500
F. Dale Corman Engineer 3/14/1995
Director 440,000
Phil Fontaine
9/8/2009 2/24/2016 2/24/2016
Director 10,000
Ben J. Hadala Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 100,000
Michael Hayhoe Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 10,000
Howard Katz Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 75,000
David Keating Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 27,000
David Kemp Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 40,000
Lincoln Park Capital Fund LLC

Placee 4,375,000
Sergio Marchi
2/27/2014 2/24/2015 2/24/2015
Director 0
John D. McBride Merchant Banker 12/24/2007

Placee 8,000
Peter McCarter Retired 11/27/2007 2/22/2017 2/22/2017
Director 80,000
Joseph G. Monteith Retired 2/24/2000 1/14/2010 1/14/2010
Director 820,000
Richard Morland Engineer 9/8/2011 2/25/2014 2/25/2014
Director 5,000
Lawrence P. Page Lawyer 7/24/1991 1/31/2008 1/31/2008
Director 0
Hari Panday
1/14/2010 1/29/2013 1/29/2013
Director 10,000
David Swisher Engineer 10/15/2009 5/23/2013

Insider 0
Peter Traves Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 15,000
Dennys Van Fleet Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 54,000
Sharin Van Fleet Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 50,000
Christine Young Broker (Pro) 12/24/2007

Placee 10,000
Share positions of current insiders based on last AGM circular, ownership % based on current Issued. Share positions of past insiders and shareholders have not been adjusted for rollbacks or splits.
Active Index Memberships
Membership Start Date:December 31, 2015Start Price:$0.13
KRO 2016-17 Bottom-Fish Index:
Membership Start Date:March 22, 2005Start Price:$0.11
KRO Rare Earth Index: Includes companies with an advanced rare earth deposit and which are added to the index when the company makes advancement of its rare earth deposit is primary focus.
Quick Note by JK on August 17, 2010: Avalon Rare Metals Inc announced on August 17, 2010 that it planned to reduce the exercise price of 3,372,500 warrants from $3.00 to $2.51 for a 30 day period starting on September 1. After September 30 the exercise price will revert to $3 per share until the warrants expire on September 17, 2011. If the warrants are exercised it would raise $8,464,975 towards the pilot plant stage of the Nechalacho rare earth project which will first involve demonstrating the flotation process and then the hydrometallurgical process using concentrate generated by the flotation pilot plant. The lower exercise price window will put pressure on Avalon's stock in the short run but it will also strengthen the structure of the company. Avalon presently has 88,408,170 shares fully diluted. Working capital was about $11 million as of May 31. The technical report for the Nechalacho PFS was filed on SEDAR on July 29. Among other things Scott Wilson recommends that higher production rate scenarios be investigated. Since I keep my finger on multiple rare earth pulses, with my overall agenda being that the stocks I have recommended deliver a solution to what I think is a far-reaching problem, I pick up plenty of chaotic vibes. One of them is the perception that Nechalacho and Strange Lake are shaping up as a winner take all showdown. Since I have an equity stake in Quest and not in Avalon, my personal economic interests are best served by the success of Strange Lake. But my analysis tells me that there is room for both projects to be successes, and that the success of both is best for the world in general. I do think that Nechalacho has lower upside potential than Strange Lake, but I would like readers to understand that neither project's upside has yet come even close to being exhausted, and to remind them that every project is vulnerable to catastrophe risks which is why owning both Avalon and Quest is a prudent strategy for spec value hunters.
Risk Analysis

Click here to view IPV Report

Key to Understanding the Spec Value Hunter Tables
Flagship Play Secondary Plays Other Plays
A Spec Value Hunter table allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value according to the rational speculation model. The speculative value depends on the project stage, the project's implied value as calculated by the company's fully diluted, stock price and net project interest, and the dream target deemed appropriate for the project. A dream target is what a project would be worth in discounted cash flow terms once in production.
Poor Speculative Value - Fair Speculative Value - Good Speculative Value -
Note: narrow arrows indicate IPV is outside the fair value channel but within 25% of the fair value limits
Active Company Projects
StageIPV $


Target MetalsDeposit Style
Separation RapidsCanadaCanada100% WI6-Prefeasibility $31 Lithium Tantalum CesiumPegmatite
East KemptvilleCanadaCanada100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $31 Indium Tin ZincCupola
MiramachiCanadaCanada100% WI1-Grassroots $31 Tin Indium Tungsten CobaltQuartz Vein
Lilypad LakesCanadaCanada100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $31 Tantalum CesiumPegmatite
NechalachoCanadaCanada100% WI7-Permitting & Feasibility $31 Rare-Earth-Metals Gallium Niobium BerylliumPeralkaline Intrusive
Company Projects

Separation Rapids Project
Share Collective Boomtown
Separation RapidsCanadaONCanada1,400 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms: Acquired in October 1996. 100% owned by Avalon. The original vendors retain a 2.0% Net Smelter Return (“NSR”) royalty interest in the property, of which 1.0% can be bought back at any time for $1,000,000.
Target Metals: Lithium Tantalum CesiumModel: PegmatiteStage: 6-Prefeasibility
Notes on Separation Rapids Project
The Separation Rapids property is situated approximately 70 km by road north of Kenora, Ontario and is directly accessible via a newly-constructed private road. The main line of the Canadian National Railway passes through the village of Redditt, just 50 km by road south of the Separation Rapids property. The property lies within the traditional land use area of the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations of Whitedog, Ontario, an aboriginal community located approximately 35 km southwest of the property. The Separation Rapids property is host to one of the largest rare metal pegmatite deposits in the world. Known as the “Big Whopper” Project (“BWP”), it is only the fourth example in the world of a rare metal pegmatite with the size required to be of major economic importance and only the second to be enriched in the rare lithium mineral called petalite. The deposit is a potential source of lithium minerals for use in the glass and ceramics industry and specialty composite materials and is also a potential source of lithium chemicals for the growing rechargeable battery market. There is also potential for production of tantalum and rubidium minerals and a pure form of sodium feldspar. Since acquiring the property in October 1996, Avalon has invested approximately $3.7 million on exploration and development work primarily focused on the lithium minerals potential, including bulk samples, metallurgical studies, and prefeasibility and scoping studies in 1999 and 2003. The geological mapping and diamond drilling work done by Avalon have delineated the Big Whopper pegmatite system over a strikelength exceeding 1.5 km, with widths ranging from 10 m to 80 m and to a vertical depth of close to 300 m, where it remains open. It consists of a vertically oriented massive petalite pegmatite dyke striking 280º, hosted by metamorphosed mafic volcanic rocks (amphibolite) and flanked by a swarm of narrower albite and petalite dykes. These have all undergone intense deformation in a high strain zone resulting in folding, boudinage, and shearing. The project benefits from a lack of environmental issues due to the fact that the ore is environmentally benign, containing no toxic, radioactive, or acid-generating minerals. Avalon completed environmental baseline studies in the project area in 1999, ensuring that local environmental sensitivities were identified at an early stage. This study was updated in 2006-7. In 2008, the Company initiated the process to secure a Mining Lease for the Big Whopper Petalite Deposit and neighbouring lands that may be needed for development work. This work is being carried out by Fudge & Associates of North Bay, ON and began with a perimeter survey of the claims in the fall of 2008. In 2007, Avalon initiated a research project to investigate the potential application of hydrometallurgical extraction technology to recover a lithium product suitable for the rapidly growing lithium ion battery market, while continuing to investigate other potential lithium minerals markets. The metallurgical research work is being carried out at SGS, but was not completed due to personnel changes at SGS. Such technology has been successfully applied to other lithium minerals and initial literature research indicates that this technology should be effective with the petalite that is the dominant lithium mineral at Separation Rapids. A positive result would lead to a preliminary economic assessment of developing the project as a lithium chemicals producer. Both the market development work and the metallurgical research are being carried out under the supervision of Ian London, P.Eng, Vice-President, Corporate Development.

East Kemptville Project
Share Collective Boomtown
East KemptvilleCanadaNSCanada939 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms: Special License from government of Nova Scotia covering parts of old tin mine on which BHP Billiton is still conducting environmental remediation work (acquired prior owner Rio Algom).
Target Metals: Indium Tin ZincModel: CupolaStage: 4-Infill & Metallurgy
Notes on East Kemptville Project
The East Kemptville deposit is a greisen, or hydrothermal replacement zone, associated with the contact of a regional granite intrusion known as the South Mountain batholith. This contact has been traced over a strike length of at least 10 kilometres southwest from the mine site, where it is favourable for the occurrence of additional tin-indium-copper-zinc deposits. Limited outcrop exposure in the area necessitates the use of geophysical and geochemical methods to define drill targets. Several such targets have been defined through the compilation of historical data supplemented by new surveys completed intermittently by the company over the past 18 months. The top priority target is known as Gardner's Meadows where a combined geophysical and geochemical anomaly company is supported by anomalous tin values reported from limited historical drilling. The anomaly was defined on the ground over an 800-metre strike length by recent induced polarization (IP) surveys, magnetics and soil surveys, using mobile metal ion techniques (MMI). At least four holes will test this target. The company is also re-evaluating the potential for renewed tin-indium production at the East Kemptville mine site in a preliminary economic assessment (PEA), being conducted by Wardrop Engineering.
Milestone Timeline
Delineation2014 Q2 Mid June2014 Q3 Mid August1,000m drill program to begin, designed to confirm historical tin-copper-zinc-indium resources
Economic Study - PEA2014 Q4 Early November2014 Q4 Late DecemberPEA expected before year end 2014 assessing the viability of re-establishing a tin-copper-zinc-indium mining operation at the site.
Base Case Resource Estimates
Project Resource Estimate - East Kemptville
Oct 31, 2014NI 43-101Donanld HainsCutoff:
Resource CategoryTonnageTotal
Rock Value
MetalGradeRecoveryContained Metal% of GMV
Indicated Resources18,470,000$47/tTin0.176%100.0%71,665,377 lb78%
Zinc0.173%100.0%70,443,808 lb12%
Copper0.064%100.0%26,060,137 lb9%
Inferred Mineral Resources16,950,000$39/tTin0.148%100.0%55,304,599 lb79%
Zinc0.122%100.0%45,588,926 lb10%
Copper0.062%100.0%23,168,143 lb11%
All Categories Spot35,420,000$43/tTin0.163%
126,969,976 lb79%
116,032,734 lb11%
49,228,280 lb10%
Spot Gross Metal ValueMarket Cap as % of Net GMVSpot Prices Used
$1,533,254,4462.0%Tin $9.49/lb, Zinc $1.51/lb, Copper $3.11/lb

Miramachi Project
MiramachiCanadaNBCanada1,175 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms:
Target Metals: Tin Indium Tungsten CobaltModel: Quartz VeinStage: 1-Grassroots

Lilypad Lakes Project
Lilypad LakesCanadaONCanada3,109 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms:
Target Metals: Tantalum CesiumModel: PegmatiteStage: 3-Discovery Delineation

Nechalacho Project
Share Collective Boomtown
NechalachoCanadaNTCanada0 ha
Net Interest: 100% WI
Vested: Yes
Uncapped NSR/GOR: 0.00%
Ownership Terms: Acquired from Beta Minerals in April 2005 for 2.5 million shares and 250,000 warrants exercisable at $0.25 for 2 years. (4,249 hectares). The mining leases have a 21-year life and each lease is renewable in 21-year increments. The Thor Lake property is subject to two underlying royalty agreements entitling the royalty holders to a cumulative 5.5% Net Smelter Returns Royalty (“NSR”), of which 2.5% can be bought back by the Company at the principal amount of $150,000 compounded annually at the average Canadian prime rate from May 2, 1982 to the buyback date (as at August 31, 2009, this amounted to approximately $1,200,000).
Target Metals: Rare-Earth-Metals Gallium Niobium BerylliumModel: Peralkaline IntrusiveStage: 7-Permitting & Feasibility
Notes on Nechalacho Project

Milestone Timeline
Economic Study - PFS2010 Q2 Late June2010 Q2 Late JunePFS was delivered on June 21, 2010.
Updated Resource Estimate2010 Q3 August2010 Q3 AugustUpdated resource calculation incorporating 43 holes drilled during winter 2010 on the Basal Zone expected late summer 2010.
Economic Study - PEA2010 Q3 Late September2010 Q3 Late SeptemberExpected completion of a scoping study by SNC-Lavalin for the construction of a rare earth separation plant in North America that will explore capital and operating costs, as well as identify specific criteria for site selection.
Metallurgical Study2010 Q4 Late December2010 Q4 Late DecemberProduction of Basal Zone flotation concentrate for pilot plant scale metallurgical study of hydromet cracking process during 2011.
Delineation2011 Q1 Mid January2011 Q1 Mid January20,000m drill program to begin using 2 rigs to continue definition drilling and provide further material for 2011 bulk sample processing.
Updated Resource Estimate2011 Q1 Late January2011 Q1 Late JanuaryUpdated 43-101 compliant resource calculation expected incorporating results of summer 2010 drill program.
Economic Study - PEA2011 Q2 June2011 Q2 JuneAround mid-year, Avalon intends to provide an updated economics assessment using the parameters reported in the PFS.
Metallurgical Study2011 Q4 Late October2011 Q4 Late October40 tonne pilot plant test of Nechalacho flotation process originally scheduled to be conducted during fall 2011 now expected to begin in late November or early December. .
Metallurgical Study2011 Q42011 Q4Pilot plant scale metallurgical study of Nechalacho hydromet cracking process to begin during fall 2011, with expectations of up to 40 weeks required to complete testing. .
Ownership20112011Buyout of underlying gross royalties.
Social License20112011Avalon is aiming to complete a negotiation agreement with the Yellowknives Dene First Nation regarding the Nechalacho during 2011.
Economic Study - PFS2012 Q2 April2012 Q2 AprilThe results of the SNC-Lavalin prefeasibility study for the proposed separation plant are expected to be available in April 2012, with the site selection process ongoing.
Updated Resource Estimate2012 Q2 May2012 Q2 MayUpdated resource calculation expected, to incorporate 2011 drilling of 13,979 metres in 72 holes.
Social License2012 Q32012 Q3Social license - economic impact and benefits agreement with aboriginal groups.
Economic Study - FS2013 Q22013 Q2Completion of feasibility study originally scheduled for H1 2012 pushed back to Q4 2012, subsequently pushed back to Q2, 2013 due to ongoing testwork on a proposed cracking facility.
Permitting2014 Q12014 Q1Mine approval and construction startup was originally planned for Q3, 2013, but with the BFS being pushed back are themselves subject ot to delays into 2014.
Commercial Production2016 H22016 H2Potential production startup date moved back from 2015 to late 2016.
Base Case Resource Estimates
Project Resource Estimate - Nechalacho - Basal Zone
Sep 8, 2010NI 43-101Finley Bakker, Avalon senior resource geologist - block model created by Hudgtec and Scott WilsonCutoff: $260/t net metal return
Note: TREO basket price deck used was domestic spot $61/kg, others 3 yr domestic $50, FOB spot $107, 3 yr FOB $101, Toyota 2016 $56, $45/kg Nb2O5, $3.76/kg ZrO2.
Resource CategoryTonnageTotal
Rock Value
MetalGradeRecoveryContained Metal% of GMV
Indicated Resources20,450,000$1,396/tRare-Earth-Metals1.750%74.0%357,875,000 kg76%
Zirconium3.290%80.0%1,483,265,983 lb9%
Niobium4,200.00 g/t55.0%189,353,104 lb14%
Tantalum139.00 g/t31.5%6,266,686 lb1%
Inferred Mineral Resources84,180,000$1,256/tRare-Earth-Metals1.530%74.0%1,287,954,000 kg74%
Zirconium3.040%80.0%5,641,730,435 lb9%
Niobium4,300.00 g/t55.0%798,007,923 lb15%
Tantalum131.00 g/t31.5%24,311,404 lb1%
All Categories Spot104,630,000$1,283/tRare-Earth-Metals1.573%
1,645,829,000 kg75%
7,124,996,418 lb9%
Niobium4,280.45 g/t
987,361,028 lb15%
Tantalum132.56 g/t
30,578,090 lb1%
Spot Gross Metal ValueMarket Cap as % of Net GMVSpot Prices Used
$134,289,610,9240.0%Rare-Earth-Metals $61.00/kg, Zirconium $1.71/lb, Niobium $20.41/lb, Tantalum $50.96/lb
Project Resource Estimate - Nechalacho - Upper Zone
Sep 8, 2010NI 43-101Finley Bakker, Avalon senior resource geologist - block model created by Hudgtec and Scott WilsonCutoff: $260/t net metal return
Note: Cutoff is based on undisclosed recoveries of TREO, ZrO2, Nb2O5, Ta2O5 multiplied by $21.94/kg TREO, $3.76/kg ZrO2, $45/kg NbO5, $130/kg Ta2O5 with 1.11 CAD/USD for $260/t CAD. TREO basket price used was $83/kg domestic as of Jan 19. 2012, FOB spot $168/kg, FOB 3 yr $88/kg, domestic 3 yr $46/kg.
Resource CategoryTonnageTotal
Rock Value
MetalGradeRecoveryContained Metal% of GMV
Indicated Resources9,980,000$1,405/tRare-Earth-Metals1.430%74.0%142,714,000 kg84%
Zirconium1.950%80.0%429,037,229 lb5%
Niobium2,800.00 g/t55.0%61,605,346 lb9%
Tantalum169.00 g/t31.5%3,718,323 lb1%
Inferred Mineral Resources98,380,000$1,343/tRare-Earth-Metals1.290%74.0%1,269,102,000 kg80%
Zirconium2.410%80.0%5,227,014,288 lb7%
Niobium3,600.00 g/t55.0%780,798,815 lb12%
Tantalum171.00 g/t31.5%37,087,944 lb1%
All Categories Spot108,360,000$1,349/tRare-Earth-Metals1.303%
1,411,816,000 kg80%
5,656,051,517 lb7%
Niobium3,526.32 g/t
842,404,161 lb12%
Tantalum170.82 g/t
40,806,266 lb1%
Spot Gross Metal ValueMarket Cap as % of Net GMVSpot Prices Used
$146,125,532,3440.0%Rare-Earth-Metals $83.00/kg, Zirconium $1.71/lb, Niobium $20.41/lb, Tantalum $50.96/lb
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Jul 21, 2011Express 2011-02: Technical Rally or Major Inflection for Rare Earth Sector
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Jun 30, 2011Index Member Comment: IAEA review finds no major issues but LAMP appears to have a construction problem
Apr 6, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon pushes its BFS timeline to the end of 2012
Apr 4, 2011Index Member Comment: Molycorp snags metal refining capacity through purchase of AS Silmet
Dec 24, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon secures AMEX listing
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Jun 25, 2010Tracker 2010-05: Avalon's Nechalacho PFS should be a joy for end users to behold
Jun 16, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon publishes new resource estimate that includes zirconium, niobium and tantalum
May 13, 2010Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon expects Nechalacho prefeasibility study in late June
Sep 3, 2009Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon raises $17 million in a heartbeat as Rare Earth Mania grows
Jul 31, 2009Bottom-Fish Comment: Avalon reports encouraging metallurgical results for Thor Lake
May 26, 2009Tracker 2009-03: What makes Avalon's Thor Lake project special?
Apr 30, 2009Tracker 2009-02: Quest Uranium Corp a bottom-fish buy for exposure to the rare earth sector
Dec 23, 2008Bottom-Fish Comment: Avalon postpones Thor Lake resource estimate until mid January 2009
Oct 29, 2008Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon rare earth resource estimate expected mid November
Jun 26, 2008Spec Value Hunter Comment: Avalon gearing up to conduct Thor Lake metallurgical studies
Jan 17, 2008Tracker 2008-03: Avalon's rare earth enriched horizons at Thor Lake have underground mining potential
Nov 7, 2007Tracker 2007-14: Is the future of hybrids tied to Avalon's Thor Lake project or vice versa?
Oct 31, 2007Recommendation Status Update: Avalon Ventures Ltd
Mar 22, 2006Excerpt: Bottom-Fish Action Report - Avalon Ventures
Apr 26, 2005Tip of the Day: A new life for Thor Lake as the flagship project of a specialty metals junior
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: Avalon Ventures Ltd - 1997 Annual Review
Nov 6, 1997Tracker 1997-61: Avalon assays confirm petalite grade consistency
Nov 3, 1997Tracker 1997-57: Avalon - Awaiting assays for Separation Rapids rare metal play
Feb 28, 1997Excerpt from KBFR January-February 1997
Dec 23, 1996Report Nov-Dec 1996: Avalon Ventures Ltd - 1997 Bottom-Fish 100

Company News Releases - Members Only
Aug 16, 2017Completes Non Brokered Private Placement For Gross Proceeds Of $450,000
Jul 18, 2017Avalon Further Defines Resource Potential At Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora ON
Jul 6, 2017Avalon's Lithium Hydroxide Product Successfully Tested as Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Material
Jun 27, 2017To Receive Funding from Ontario Government for Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, ON
Jun 12, 2017Completes Non Brokered Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $510,000 and Provides Update on Separation Rapids Lithium Project
Jun 8, 2017To Present At The MicroCap Conference On June 27th In Toronto At The Sheraton Centre Hotel
Apr 25, 2017To Pursue Staged Development Approach for the Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, ON
Apr 7, 2017Appoints Ms. Patricia Mohr to its Board of Directors
Apr 5, 20172016 Sustainability Report
Mar 2, 2017Expands Separation Rapids Lithium Property With acquisition of Paterson Lake claims
Feb 23, 2017Results of its 2017 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Feb 6, 2017Testwork Confirms Potential to Recover Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Product From Lepidolite Mineralization at Avalon's Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, Ontario
Dec 29, 2016Completes Non Brokered Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $375,000 and Provides Update on Separation Rapids Lithium Project
Nov 30, 2016Releases Annual Sustainability Report
Nov 22, 2016Mines Including Barrick Gold, Iamgold, Gold Fields, Glencore, Avalon, And Antofagasta Recognized For Their Leadership In Renewables At Energy And Mines Renewables In Mining Awards In
Nov 7, 2016Completes Non Brokered Private Placement For Gross Proceeds Of $1 Million
Oct 25, 2016Clarifies Disclosure Contained in Sep. 27, 2016 News Release
Sep 27, 2016Results of Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment For its Separation Rapids Lithium Project
Aug 29, 2016Provides Update On Separation Rapids Project PEA
Jul 25, 2016Progress Report on the Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, Ontario
May 25, 2016Continues to Advance Metallurgical Work on the Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, Ontario
Apr 5, 2016Completes Pilot Plant Processing of Bulk Sample from Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, Ontario
Mar 30, 2016Completes Non Brokered Private Placement for Gross Proceeds Of $775,000
Mar 1, 2016Bulletin 2016 0196: Changes In Stock List
Feb 26, 2016Voting Results of Annual and Special Meeting including Approval of Name Change
Feb 11, 2016Avalon's Nechalacho Rare Earths Project to remain inactive in 2016, while the Company focuses on Lithium and Tin
Jan 19, 2016Sets Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders For February 24, 2016
Dec 24, 2015Completes Non Brokered Private Placement For Gross Proceeds Of $750,000
Dec 18, 2015OTC Markets Group Welcomes Avalon Rare Metals to OTCQX
Nov 30, 2015Voluntary Delisting From NYSE MKT
Nov 4, 2015Update on 2015 Work Program on the East Kemptville Tin Indium Project, Nova Scotia, Canada
Oct 8, 2015Update on Separation Rapids Lithium Project Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Aug 17, 2015Start of 2015 Pilot Plant Program on Its Separation Rapids Lithium Project, Kenora, ON
Aug 6, 2015Receives Continued Listing Standards Notice from NYSE
Jun 16, 2015Commences $1.3 Million Work Program on the East Kemptville Tin Indium Project, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia
May 27, 2015Closes Public Offering for Gross Proceeds of $4 Million
May 21, 2015Trader Note
May 20, 2015Bulletin 2015 0512; Changes in Stock List
Apr 29, 2015Public Offering of Up to $5 Million
Feb 25, 2015Conceptual Economic Study Confirming Potential for Redevelopment of the East Kemptville Tin Deposit, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia
Jan 26, 2015Sets Annual Meeting of Shareholders for February 24, 2015 and Provides Update on Its Annual Filings
Dec 19, 2014Closes Non Brokered Private Placement For Gross Proceeds Of $2.425 Million
Dec 2, 2014Releases Third Sustainability Report; Annual Filings for Its Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 2014
Oct 8, 2014Provides Update on Progress on the Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, Thor Lake, NWT
Sep 3, 2014Significant Progress on Its Separation Rapids Lithium Minerals Project, Kenora, ON
Jul 3, 2014Closes Non Brokered Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $2.166 million
Jun 30, 2014Comments on House of Commons Committee on Natural Resources Report on Rare Earths
Jun 20, 2014$2.0 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 13, 2014Closes US$4million Registered Direct Offering
Jun 10, 2014Announces US$4million Registered Direct Offering
May 27, 2014Update On Separation Rapids And East Kemptville Projects And Announces New Staff Appointment
Apr 30, 2014Receives Land Use Permit To Start Pre construction At The Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project
Apr 8, 2014Avalon says China Will Appeal WTO Ruling on Rare Earths
Mar 3, 2014Enters Into Rare Earth Refining Agreement And Strategic Partnership
Feb 27, 2014Results Of Its 2014 Meeting Of Shareholders
Feb 14, 2014Avalon And The Northwest Territory Metis Nation Enter Into Participation Agreement For The Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, Thor Lake, NWT
Feb 14, 2014Avalon And The Northwest Territory Metis Nation Enter Into Participation Agreement For The Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, Thor Lake, Nwt
Jan 28, 2014Avalon's Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders Scheduled For February 25, 2014
Dec 12, 2013Nechalacho Project Metallurgical Process Optimization Yielding Improved Ree Recoveries
Dec 6, 2013Releases Second Sustainability Report
Nov 29, 2013Annual Filings For Its Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 2013
Nov 27, 2013Share Purchase Agreement With Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC And Filing Of Prospectus Supplement
Nov 5, 2013Receives Federal Government Approval For Nechalacho Project Environmental Assessment
Sep 25, 2013"At The Market" Issuance Program And Filing Of Prospectus Supplement
Sep 12, 2013Files Final Base Shelf Prospectus And Us Registration Statement


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